An Open Letter to My Productivity

Dear Productivity,

It is with great sadness that I must announce the following statement: As of today, September 25, 2007, I am hereby terminating our long-running relationship.  Today, Halo 3 was released.

Throughout the years, you’ve been there for me countless times. From the 9th Grade history reports that were started 3 hours before they were due, (before the internets!) to the current client who doesn’t mind paying a little extra to have their edit done ahead of schedule. With you by my side, I’ve managed to finish high school, learn all about computers and entertainment technology, and make mix CD’s for my girlfriend. Without you, my car would be on blocks in the front yard. The dishes would pile high. The cat would starve. Through thick an thin, you’ve provided me with the motivation to create, love, prosper, and above all else, survive.


Retarded Videogame Junkie

CC: To my Wedding Video Clients – your wedding really wasn’t that big of a deal, anyway. I can probably mail you a DVD that was shot at the same location, and if you squint, that bride and groom might look familiar. Hopefully, your photographer doesn’t own an XBOX360

CCC: To my Girlfriend – If you feel like you have no choice but to make out with girls, I totally understand.

6 thoughts on “An Open Letter to My Productivity

  1. Bobby

    I watched… ahem… I mean, I heard that the G4 network was running live coverage at the New York Best Buy for the midnight sales extravaganza, complete with Master Chief himself (looking like he has been taking it easy with Caboose and Donut). Seeing that makes even a geek like me feel pretty good about himself.

    Hopefully the PC release will allow us to play with people on XBOX Live, since Guitar Hero III is coming out for the Wii I can’t find a good enough excuse to get a 360. Yet…

  2. aly hawkins

    It was nice knowing you, Zack’s productivity. I didn’t know you well, but when you kicked in and made him drink five one-more beers, I respected your follow-through and tenacity.

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