razing arizona

I found my car! I’m getting on a plane in 20 minutes to fly to Arizona, where they are holding a 2006 clean-diesel Jetta TDI for me. Driving back tonight, rock and roll, baby!

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  1. michael lee Post author

    I got a chance to actually look at my credit report at the dealership in Phoenix. It’s the most bizarre thing – it shows all of out credit history, totally accurate, all of our payment history going back to 1999, and it’s completely clean. They just neglected to actually include a credit score. So, if you look line-by-line, it looks great, but if you just look at the summary and score, it looks like we’ve never had credit.

    So, Wells Fargo turned us down because they were lazy, and just looked at the summary. So long, suckas.

  2. June

    The guy who says “When you get into a VW, a VW gets into you” on the VW site sounds like you, Mike.

    I’m sure that by now you’ve very much made friends with your fast.

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