Birf-Day Shenanaginz

Ally totally stole my thunder. But that’s fine. No, really. I’m really OK with it. I’m not bitter.    :)

Here’s the deal: Next month I turn 30. I hate it. It’s awful, really. But I’m burying my 20′s in the desert, in high style, albeit a month early. Sara and I, and a few other couples, have rented a big ol’ house in Palm Springs for the weekend. (Yes, this weekend) It’s got a pool, spa, swim-up bar, and A LAZY RIVER.  Yes.  A Lazy. Frickin’. River.  Totally insane. Pool table, putting greens, basketball court, and more. It’s like adult Disneyland in the desert.

The party is this Saturday, the 22nd. If you’re a reader of this blog, and I’ve shared at least one beer with you in my twenties, you’re invited. If you qualify, chances are you know how to get ahold of me for directions/address. (This is to ward off Mike’s APU students looking for free booze. Damn freeloaders!)

So, get your asses to Palm Springs this Saturday. Blow off the Sunday morning church gigs. Drop the newborns off at the neighbors.  Whatever. Food and drink (lots ‘o drink) are provided. If you’re planning on staying the night, you’ll need a hotel, as the owner of the house has strict rules on occupancy. But the Travelodge is down the street, and cheap.  Here are some photos of the house, to get you all excited.

9 thoughts on “Birf-Day Shenanaginz

  1. michael lee

    oh man … you have no idea how badly my wife and I need this, but there’s just no way. ARRRRRRGGGGGH!

    Why can’t you plan your life around MY schedule, Zack?

  2. Zack Post author

    ohmygod. Pictures can’t really do it justice. Besides, many people may go to jail if certain picures are released.

    Let’s put it this way: I want to turn 30 again.

  3. Sara

    Update: The weekend was fantastic but the house was still under construction when we arrived so we asked for a night off the rent. The owner agreed.
    …..and then promptly ignored us when it came time to refund the money. Therefore, we are now considering legal action. So if you see Zack and I standing on the streets of Palm Springs holding signs or laying down in front of cars trying to pull into a driveway on Sunny Dunes rd., you’ll know why. Because nothing tops off a 30th birthday like a visit to small claims court.

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