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  1. June

    Oh Please. As iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiif.

    No, I will not discuss. Here I am, waiting and waiting for a shot of the new lil’ guy and this is what I get. I know this is big news for all you geeky music freaks, but for cryin’ out loud Mike, I just want to see a photo of Josiah!

  2. Stick

    Looks promising. It’s no ProTools killer, but I think it’s going to work a little better and easier than 7. Sounds like there’s a giant library of stuff that comes with… Apple Loops and Jam Packs from Garageband… that I’ve never had or used… so we’ll see where that gets us.

    I had been contemplating dumping Logic altogether and trying to do all my production in ProTools. With the recent addition of Structure (sampler), I thought it might be possible. But, I’m still quite a bit faster actually putting sequences together in Logic. The big hang up has been that mixing in Logic hasn’t been even close to what I can do in ProTools. Sometimes I’ll do demos that I want to sound a little more “finished” and mix them all in Logic, and I just can’t make Logic do some of the same basic things I can do in ProTools (like processing on a bus). Hopefully, some of those things will be addressed in 8. We’ll see.

    Chad and I were discussing the somewhat steep price of $199 for those of us that have kept up to date with Logic. Especially now that they’ve lowered the price from $999 to $499 for the full version. I think the last few big upgrades have been $149… not to mention that you can upgrade from Logic 5 for the same price. Oh well, not a deal breaker.

    The other interesting thing is that Apple is doing away with the dongle copy protection. (Though I read that those of us upgrading will need to hang on to the dongle for future upgrades as well.) I guess Apple feels that since Logic will only run on Mac, the Mac is a nice $2500 dongle. And as we all know, Apple is out sell boxes, whether small (Shuffle) or big (Mac Pro 8-core).

    One thing about the new window set up… I have a feeling I’m really going to want a widescreen monitor even more now. We’ll see.

    Mine should show up tomorrow.

  3. June

    Apparently, my husband can “discuss” with just himself. Handy.

    Hon, I only skimmed your post (not that it’s not spellbinding and all) but I have to wonder how many months worth of private school tuition for two children the cost of a widescreen monitor equals.

    (Gretchen and Mike, these are the kinds of exchanges you can now look forward to….welcome to the world or parenting more than one.)

  4. Stick

    Well, you can run Logic has a “front-end” for ProTools hardware… I’m not sure if that’s what you mean though.

    I still doubt the audio editing side of Logic will keep up with the ProTools software, just as I know ProTools MIDI is still lacking compared to Logic.

  5. Kenn

    It’s more like Logic 7.5.

    Yes it has been updated, the way you record audio has gotten better but still doesn’t hold a candle to ProTools 7.3.

    What I have notice that it seems like major parts have been reworked (maybe
    re-written) to 64-bit which might be a great thing if you have a 64-bit processor. They have also updated their DAE/DTM drivers, so it can work with Digidesign gear better. Sculpture, Ultrabeat, and EXS have been updated. It comes with the the first five Jam packs (just that alone is worth the price of the suite). I haven’t played around with Mainstage, yet but it seem similar to Ableton Live, Soundtrack Pro 2 is a nice addition if you are doing scoring for film. I am a bit disappointed with Wave Burner, though. Apple didn’t even bother updating the UI.

    I also like the whole one window ala Aperture but if need be, you can open anything on a separate window.

    The best thing is that it no longer needs a Logic Key to work. No longer will you scarify a USB port to run Logic. Its a good update and I will be using Logic more but it still does replace ProTools. It just makes me wish ProTools could have a nice UI.

    All in all its a good investment and just makes Logic pro even more intuitive.

    It might just make teaching Intro to Music Tech a lot easier, especially to all those singers that have not idea how to record.

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