Announcing …

Josiah Michael Lee was born this morning at 7:32 AM, following 24 hours of labor (during which his mother sang a solo at church), and an emergency C-section. Turns out the guy had done a tuck-and-roll with the chord wrapped around him.

Josiah is sleeping peacefully beside us now. He was 6 lb 12 oz at birth, 20 1/2 inches long, and scored a 9.9 on that APGAR thingy that tests how advanced he is.

Say it with me now … he’s very advanced.

If you want to stop by and visit, call my cell first. If you don’t have my cell number, well, you’re probably not on the list of people who should drop by. Just saying.

20 thoughts on “Announcing …

  1. June

    WHOO-HOO! Welcome Josiah!!!! I’m so glad the labor and delivery part of it is over…thank God for modern medicine and Gretchen gets extra extra extra kudos for singing a solo whilst being in labor! Ya’ll can play that card for like…forever!

    Happyhappyhappy for you!

  2. Rach

    Oooh, he IS advanced! My kids were only like 7 or 8 on the APGAR. Congratulations on the arrival of your son!
    And what else is a woman to do for 24 hours of labor, anyway? I remember intricately decorating a Care Bear cake once. Sigh, don’t miss that at all.

  3. Zack

    I just made an Exitebike track on the scantron for my APGAR, and I scored an 8.9.


    Congrats guys, I’m so happy for you! And glad to hear that everything went ok…

  4. Jonathan

    I have your cell… hum… (contemplating doing theory homework, or seeing baby… theory won). But I heard you named him after your two favorite people, Josiah my bass player, and Michael… YOU! Congrats

  5. JC

    Michael and Gretchen: Congratulations from the Colorado Curtiss Clan! Josiah is a wonderful name. Wow, can’t imagine singing a solo while I was in labor. Well…OK… I can’t even imagine being in labor.

  6. michael lee Post author

    [quote comment="123078"]Hooray!

    I wonder where he lost that tenth of a point? :-P[/quote]

    I don’t know, but we have a tutor looking into it. He says it probably means Harvard is out, but we can still make it into one of the easier programs at Stanford, like Chemistry.

  7. Linda

    Chemistry hmmm…There is a required core curriculum of “song and dance” for all perspective science majors…or so I’ve been told.

    Congratulations to all of you. Your family is encircled with the love of many, raised with joyful prayer. May there always be laughter, singing and dancing in your home.

    Speaking as one big sister to another…give Sophia a big hug for me.

    Love from all of us,
    Linda Thom Lauren & Nate

    ……waiting for pictures ;-)

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