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  1. Jeremy

    …and they lowered the price of the iPhone by 30%.

    I feel raped. I bought mine 41 days ago and it’s only been out for 60 days. In a matter of minutes Apple managed to wipe out all the good will it took them years to build with me.

    And before I get flamed with “early adopter” B.S. please look at the situation fairly. Never has Apple lowered the price on something so dramatically so quickly after release. In fact rarely does an apple product ever drop 30% over it’s entire run. An ipod start to finish will maybe drop $50. I could even live with 100 on the iPhone but 200 just pisses me off.

    Apple seems to want to punish their best customers. And for me at lease I know I will be talking more about how I feel ripped off rather than how good I think the phone is. No wonder their stock dropped 5% today.

  2. michael lee Post author

    wow. I didn’t even see that. Yeah, that would piss me off pretty badly too.

    Did you get a rebate on your service plan or something similar that would offset the cost? Or is this just a straight $200 kick-in-tha-balls?

  3. Jeremy

    This is a straight kick-in-tha-balls.

    I called customer service, talked to the manager at the Apple store I bought it from…no help. Just a curt, “sorry.”

    I have an email into Steve so we’ll see how that goes.

  4. Bobby

    The big screen is cool, but I’m pretty sure my calculator watch from 7th grade had 8GB of memory, and I wasn’t trying to watch videos on it. Wonder why they didn’t give it the 160GB innards?

    Sorry you got hosed Jeremy. But hey, if you click on the ad below, you could win a free ipod shuffle and set off about half that amount… :)

  5. Zack

    Jeremy: Head over to Consumerist.com. They have a “5 Options If You Got Shafted By Yesterday’s iPhone Price Cut” article that might be able to offer you some respite:


  6. Zack

    I bought an iPhone yesterday. $299 to be a beta-tester is OK with me, not $599. It’s pretty damn cool. Now only if AT&T would port my Verizon number sometime this century, all would be good…

  7. Jeremy

    yes…Good think i purcahsed mine with my amex…

    I’m thinking that this will go through as I am an excellent customer. Hopefully this means that I will be rewarded with 100 from apple for being an early adopter.

  8. Pi

    If you feel that Steve’s letter to iPhone pre-kick-in-the-pants-price-drop customers had about as much sincerity as binary does, please read the current woot.com product description.

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