Banal Minutia

In my ongoing effort to contribute nothing more to this blog than slightly psychotic rants about themeparks, heavily-biased music reviews, and photos of midgets, I give you…

My new car. A 2003 Ford Focus SVT. (SVT means Special Vehicle Team. Yes, I am now a superhero. Basically, it means the car goes like stink) The Scion XB was only a year old. But it was so slow it felt like it was tied to a post. And the doors felt like they were going to cave in when I closed them. Anyway, 180 horsepower, 6-speed Getrag transmission, and scapel-like handling are all good for the soul. Hazaah!

5 thoughts on “Banal Minutia

  1. TomTom

    I love the SVT vehicles.That Focus was so underrated when it was introduced it wasn’t even funny. That’s right, I’m talkin’ to you Sentra SE-R! Now you can look for a supercharger…

  2. Chris

    I used to have a Focus. I had two actually, a 2002 and a 2006.

    Funny enough, I traded my last Focus for a 2008 xB.

    I liked my Focus, but I LOVE my box.

    The SVT’s are pretty cool though. Good luck with it!

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