Blogging is Easier When You Know Everything

Yes, easier indeed. And… I would wager… more interesting. No one likes wishy-washy bloggers.
Even before Mike posted his most humorous (and accurate) list of why we’re not blogging, the question has been ruminating in my mind for weeks now: why aren’t you (Chad) writing?

I poured out my soul for eight straight days and then… nothing. Well… a little thing here and there, but nothing of significance. In the past, I’ve waited for things to strike me that I wanted to share.

I think about movies a lot, so some of my most well-recieved posts have been about movies.

I think about the church a lot, so some of my most aggravating posts have been about the church.

I am a dad, so a lot of my posts have been about raising young children.

Sometimes, weird shit just happens to me, and I have to tell you all about it.

But then July 1 rolled around, and I quit my job to become a full time rock star with my wife. Now, the clock’s ticking, and I don’t know anything about anything, and I kind of find myself thinking that if I get on this website and just start typing, a lot of mindless, naval-gazing drivel will start to come out, and now that you’re all potential fans, I just don’t think that’s a very good idea.

Or maybe it just doesn’t matter.

Or maybe it does.

This was a lot easier when I knew everything about everything.

When you’re stuck and discontented, it’s much easier. We all know how to do stuck and discontented, don’t we? Even better if there’s a boogeyman to snipe at, and in the church, there are always boogeymen aplenty. The reason I’m unhappy is: (insert elder-related issue here). Rant rant rant, make funny, sleep. Repeat.

But now I’m out in the great wide open, under them skies of blue, and seriously… I am totally clueless. I mean… it’s been a perfectly good first month. I’ve gotten the studio organized, I’ve got ideas for new songs and preliminary sketches going, we did a couple of gigs, and I have more on the hook, trying to reel them in, we have a good idea of what the next 6-9 months need to look like… it’s just… there’s no actual roadmap. Oh, and if I don’t supply the go-juice, it’s a no-go. None.

Normally at this time of year, I am getting ready to start hating Christmas. Do I have to like Christmas again?

My angst and frustration about The Church (and when I talk about church, allow me, again, my ABFfers, to mention that I’m spelling with a capital T & C) has sort of settled into vague indifference.

Vague indifference has not been part of my lexicon. Maybe I am ready to be a rock star.

Actually, just sitting here typing this has been theraputic, like reconnecting with an old friend. Maybe I do know everything after all. Maybe I never knew anything to begin with and I have to work out all my demons on the interwebs, in front of all of you.

Ok, here’s some old school Chad for you:

To Gore Verbinski and Sam Raimi and every other film director in Hollywood: The Bourne Ultimatum kicked the unholy stuffing out of every other wanna-be action spectacular this year, (except for maybe 300, which emerged with only minor abrasions.) Matt Damon, Paul Greengrass, and Tony Gilroy are all geniuses, and the rest of you are idiots who’ve forgotten how to make action movies. Stop trying to remake Lord of the Rings. No one gives a shit if Jack Sparrow has a moral compass, we like him because he’s funny. You all suck and I hate you.


Dear elders: Andy is kicking ass as an interim worship leader. Stop trying to replace him. Give it six months and then start looking.

To my kids: I love you. I mean… I really love you. If you don’t start sleeping through the night again, daddy is going to lose his marbles.

Dear CCM: You still suck. I mean… the #2 song on iTunes was released SIX F***ING YEARS AGO! The song that follows that one is about Jabez! For the LOVE OF GOD, TRY SOMETHING NEW!

Aaaaah. I feel much better now.

3 thoughts on “Blogging is Easier When You Know Everything

  1. JC

    Yay! We like Old Chad…of course, we like New Chad too! Oh…I can’t decide which I like better!%# Oh yeah, that’s right…I’m indifferent because I’m retired and I have nothing to complain about. Whew!

  2. Daniel Semsen


    OK-Bourne U was awesome. Yes. However, I also really enjoyed Die Hard 4…and I might put those two as a tie for first place this summer.

    Well…now that I’m thinking about it some more…BU was pretty freaking awesome. Even if I was sitting next to a guy that was high on pot and tried to cover it with CK Obsession.

    Um…did you NOT get my message last week about a concert in SD? Well…don’t call me back until Thursday. But call me back!

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