9 thoughts on “nudist christians

  1. Chad

    This actually reminds me to tell you guys to mark August ’08 right now. We have a gig. It’s somewhere in Tennessee.

    Rosy will be popular, I suspect.

  2. Chad

    [quote comment="110747"]Just make sure the checks clear.[/quote]

    Does it matter what they’re written on?

  3. bill metanoya

    Wow, that’s gonna leave a mark!!! Ok, trivia time in the same vein…who had as their motto “nudie nudum christum sequi” ?

  4. Zack

    “Christian nudists hit the church—and the hot tub—for three days of wet and wild worship in the backwoods of Tennessee”


  5. Chris

    I will be cringing and crying and laughing all at the same time.

    Could this possibly be the best Addison Rd. post of all time?

    No, but it sure makes you think about how nudists can still have tan lines.

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