Our Father: Sermon Final

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So, I finished up the sermon for last Sunday, and I’m posting it here, along with the manuscript and the slides, for anyone who is interested. The audio cuts off the first 5 minutes of the message, so it’s kind of an odd jump in, but you didn’t miss much of the content.


Download the manuscript: Our Father, Who Art In Heaven

And the interactive Quicktime file of the slides: Our Father – Slides

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6 thoughts on “Our Father: Sermon Final

  1. Nick

    Wow Michael, that was very insightful. I especially liked the part about defiance of authority. That was such a wonderful picture. I had never really thought of it that way before.

  2. aly hawkins

    Great message, Michael. I started listening to the first link and kinda freaked out, so thanks for posting the non-haunted house version.

    Speaking as a pastor’s daughter, enjoy the next 2 years or so while it’s still okay to use your kid as a sermon illustration without permission. When she hits five, it’ll become extremely uncool, even if you say only nice things.

  3. June

    wow yeah…totally freaky when you start listening to the first version. I got a littler nervous when you kept saying “Gooohd.” Going to go listen to the “God” version now…

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