Why we’re not blogging

A brief summary of the reasons why we’re not blogging.

  1. Too hot. Tooooo damn hot. Nobody can be witty at 105 degrees. Seriously.
  2. Everybody quit their day jobs, which means fewer things to procrastinate by blogging.
  3. $0.35 a day from Google Adsense isn’t quite the motivating factor we all hoped it would be.
  4. Site hasn’t been redesigned in close to 4 months. Arial is sooooo last quarter. Why should we bother with fresh content when the management won’t even spring for a fresh coat of paint on the office walls?
  5. We refuse to participate in any internet where lolcats are tolerated.
  6. We’ve been linked to from Jesus Creed (3 times, twice to the same post!), The Unofficial Apple Weblog, Lifehacker, and Woot. Seriously, what else is there?
  7. Did I mention the heat?
  8. Too depressed about the cancellation of Studio 60. Like Sorkin, we know the pain of being tortured geniuses who are also sexy and fabulously wealthy, and keep getting handed new chances to make a commercially viable entertainment product but we are too self destructive and instead presume that our entire audience exists for the sole purpose of allowing us to work through our personal neurosis.
  9. this spot left intentionally blank

So, that’s our list of excuses. Now go outside and play! It’s only 187 degrees – perfect weather for not being inside huddled over a computer.

21 thoughts on “Why we’re not blogging

  1. Alex

    Arial is so last quarter. “Calibri” stole my heart this week. Not just because I get to stare at it for 8 working hours of each weekday (my job: documentation). Quite refreshing.

  2. Daniel Semsen


    my PowerMac G5′s cooling fans are running at top speed all day–leaving my home office as a heat box. I’m finding it very hard to get anything done in there…

  3. michael lee Post author

    I seriously can’t function once it gets up over 90. I would never have survived in the south.

    I had to write a message last week, and there were days where I literally sat staring at the keyboard for hours because my brain wouldn’t function. Bleh.

  4. corey

    yeah. Sometimes the AC in my house runs all day. Keeping the house at 68 degrees all day apparently allows no rest for the breezy. And that constant blowing vent just doesn’t allow me to concentrate…

  5. Nick

    It’s been really crazy here in the plex. I don’t even think it’s broken 100. It’s about 85 now and cloudy. Corey, don’t you live somewhere in Texas?

  6. michael lee Post author

    [quote comment="109521"]Corey, don’t you live somewhere in Texas?[/quote]

    Corey lives in far west Texas. Faaaaar west. Further. A little further. Now hang a left as Disneyland. There you go.

  7. corey

    Nick, I was born and raised in the Great State of Texas, but moved out to Crazyfornia for a change of pace. As it turns out, the girls from Huntington Beach have no interest in moving to Texas permanently. I had to choose wisely, and decided to trade in location for domestic bliss. I’m pretty sure my kids are gonna spread my ashes around Texas when I die though. Probably by accident, as they’re traveling to Spring Break in Florida.

  8. June

    It’s too hot to cook too. But if I was cooking, I’d try the salmon recipe from Michael’s links…and farmed salmon is not nearly as healthy for one as wild salmon because the Omega 3 in said fishies comes from the plankton that wild salmon eat. Just fyi.

  9. michael lee Post author

    [quote comment="109547"]It’s too hot to cook too. But if I was cooking, I’d try the salmon recipe from Michael’s links[/quote]

    You should come to our place on Saturday. We’re having our annual “Sure, I’ll Eat That” dinner party, where you have to try out new dishes that you’ve never made before.

    The links are my research.

  10. June

    Sounds like Brian’s definition of purgatory…hell would be if after the meal, we all went shoe shopping….and later shared from our hearts over coffee.

  11. michael lee Post author

    Whilst everyone talked about how talented their niece / godson / best friends cousin is and made us listen to the demo they recorded with some friends.

  12. Chad

    I’ve actually been trying to figure out why I’m not in a blogging mood.

    I have a theory. For the past… well… ever…. I have felt somewhat repressed in real life, and I’ve used the blog as an outlet for that angst.

    Now, I’m in the clear (no church gig) and saying things out loud that I’ve only thought in my little noggin before, and I feel less of an urge for online confession.

    Just my theory.

  13. sakthi ganesh

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    So bloggers have to think apart from those tradtional blogging techniques.Because in longer run it will not gives the result we expected.So bloggers have change their views, not only in content but also in the way of thinking.

  14. June

    Sakthi, thanks so much for taking a break from writing toy, furniture and appliance assembly directions to comment on the blog!

  15. Karen

    We are to busy camping out at the for High School Musical 2 ( August 17th) anticipating Chads awesome voiceover work!

  16. Karen

    We are to busy camping out at the for High School Musical 2 premiere ( August 17th) anticipating Chads awesome voiceover work!

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