Hey You! Yes, You! Wanna be a Fan?

So, I’m learning that becoming a successful musical artist is going to be one long series of asking this question. Most times, I believe the answer will be, “No.” Hopefully, if the approach is made correctly by yours truly and Mrs. Yours Truly, the answer will be, “No, thank you.” I think if we get pushy it will be, “No! (Beer Thrown)”

Hey you! Yeah, you, Addison Road reader/lurker/contributing writer!

Wanna be a fan of The Dailies? You would!? Cool!

I work well when I’ve got a checklist of short and mid-term goals, so I’ve been working my way through Mike’s list, while not busy working through my own list, while continuing to work on my washboard abs. Well, they’re not washboard yet… but they will be. :)

#3 on Mike’s list was to sign up for Last.fm, which I have done. Last.fm has a technology called “Scrobbling,” which tracks what you like and what other artists you might enjoy. Basically, the more Scrobbles we get, the more the website will think, “Hey… these guys must be cool!” I have learned, through trial and error, that the website must track the ISP# of every user, because playing the tracks multiple times from my computer did not get me anywhere.

This is where you enter, SuperFans. I need you to scrobble your little hearts away. Go to last.fm, sign up for an account, and then search for “The Dailies”

Here, I’ll even make it easy for you:

So, there’s the whole record. Listen listen listen. Tell your friends about us. Embed a playlist on your blog. (ducking beer)

Also, we’re starting our email list, and if you’d like to be on it, drop me a line at thedailiesmusic@gmail.com. Even if I don’t know you in the “real world,” I’d love to get to know you here.

10 thoughts on “Hey You! Yes, You! Wanna be a Fan?

  1. Chad Post author

    You say it like it’s a bad thing. All your government has to do is release the freedom warrior Hung Tse-Song from the Turkish prison in which he rots and it will all be over.


    It wasn’t supposed to do that. I actually made sure I clicked the “Do Not Start Playing Automatically” option. That was part of my… ahem… frustrated message on your voicemail last week.


  2. Chad Post author

    Since Addison Road has complied with our demands, and the hero Hung Tse-Song has been freed, we have fixed the playlist.

    Buddha be praised.

  3. Chris

    I freaking love the chorus for What It Is. It’s awesome. Dancy. That’s what I’m all about. Although you might not know that from looking at me.

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