Over 35

Happy 36th Birthday to Stick!…aka, my beloved husband, Brian.

36 things I like about Brian, in no particular order:

1. I like that even though you love golf with a passion just short of your passion for me, you don’t bring your clubs to bed.
2. I like that you are artistic but not tortured. No wait, I love that!
3. I like the brown birth mark in your blue eyes.
4. I like that you play the piano. Quite well.
5. I like that you’re here. With me. Living life.
6. I like that you laugh easily.
7. I like that you don’t expect me to keep the house perfectly clean at all times.
8. I like the way you unconsciously hum when you’re having a good time.
9. I like the sound of your voice.
10. I like your aptitude at things that shall not be spoken of out loud…wink, nudge, wink, nudge, wink wink wink!
11. I like that now most people are either rolling their eyes or switching to another site.
12. I like that you’re kind.
13. I like that you get enthused about small things in life. (egg salad, a friend’s new iphone…)
14. I like that you (mostly) put your clothes away and don’t leave them on the floor. If you did, it would be a real problem…mine take up all the room we have.
15. I like that you don’t catch the first flight out of town when I say things like “I’m soooo done with everything!” and “See my new shoes?”
16. I like that you are and are not the same person you were when I met you (14 years ago)
17. I like that you are cool but not bent on it.
18. I like it WHEN you put your cereal bowl in the sink, not on the counter. (I feel something other than liking when you don’t.)
19. I like that you cried when Zaney was born.
20. I like that you didn’t cry (at least in front of me) when I was in the ICU.
21. I like that you scoffed a bit when I suggested you could get remarried when there was some question of my continuing to be here. (But really, you can!)
22. I like that you take pictures of flowers for me.
23. I like that you are fine. at any given moment, you are, more often than not, fine.
24. I like that you don’t ogle other women.
25. I like that you haven’t bought an iphone. yet.
26. I like that you are practical and reasonable and loving…ie: you’re still driving your totally crappy grandma car. Private school tuition trumps dad’s desire for a nice car. You rock Daddy-O!
27. I like your big ol’ hands.
28. I like that you are only 36 cuz’ I’m dyin’ here…
29. I like that you are not easily swayed.
30. I like how your eyes squinch up when you are trying to not smile really big…but then you never can stop yourself and your whole face squinches and smiles.
31. I like that my quirky ways don’t throw you.
32. I like how you play outside with the boys.
33. I like that you are good at building stuff.
34. I like that if someone provokes you, it doesn’t usually actually provoke you.
35. I like that you’re ok with no grand gestures on your birthday.
36. I love you!…for all your years to come.

4 thoughts on “Over 35

  1. michael lee

    Awwwww. You guys are all sappy and what-not.

    Happy birthday, Stickman. Here’s to 36 being the year that you make 6 million dollars on some sell-out pop project and can devote the rest of your life doing records for friends! For free!

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