Our Father, Who Art In Heaven

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I’m preaching again on Sunday. Just starting to gather some thoughts, and put them out here for public comment, as usual.

This time, I’m splitting a two-part series with our youth pastor, who preached last week. He has been married for less than I year. I’ve been a father for a little over two. We thought it might be interesting to reflect on things we’ve learned about God as newly minted participants in our respective roles. Not “Here’s how to be a husband” or “Here’s a message on how to raise your kids”, Lord knows we have little enough to say on either subject. Instead, the idea is more along the lines of “Here are some things about God that I’m beginning to think about differently since becoming a husband / father.”

So, my turn at bat this Sunday. I’ll post some of the ideas that are percolating as they develop. Stay tuned! Stay alert! Stay pretty! Daddy and Mommy will only love you if you are pretty!

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2 thoughts on “Our Father, Who Art In Heaven

  1. Chris

    I’m glad that you’re posting this for public opinion before your actual message. It saves me the agonizing early wake up on Sunday. I mean, if you already know what is going to be talked about, why go? Thanks Mike!


    I don’t go to your church….

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