Addison Road Informal Focus Group, Round 1

Hypothetically, let’s say we’re naming a church congregation. It’s tied to a university, so there will be an on-campus gathering, but there will also be a location in a high end retail area. There are 5 names in the running. Contribute your untailored thoughts.

Adytum Mission
The Ark
Table 412/ Table Four Twelve
The Narthex
abbey west

ok, go.

13 thoughts on “Addison Road Informal Focus Group, Round 1

  1. June

    I like Abbey West the best by far.

    Adytum and mission both strike me as troubling words.
    Narthex has always been an unappealing word to me (sounds medical or somehow related to the words linux and larynx and other unattractive words)
    “The ark” just seems hokey.
    Table 412 sounds like a new sushi place in Malibu…and slapped on a church, it seems like the church is trying to lure people in by sounding Hollywood hip (“come to our church…Ben and JLo do!”)

    Abbey West is great. I like it a lot. a lot lot.

  2. Stick

    Well, if June likes it, then I do too.

    No, actually, I would’ve said the same thing, though I think 412 is sorta cool. But yeah, it’s way too trendy sounding. The next worst thing would be to caPitalize random letters in an otherwise normal sounding name.

  3. Brian Monroe

    I like abbey west but you should have some monastic aspect otherwise I would feel cheated if I visited.

  4. corey Post author

    since this is only hypothetical, I can neither confirm nor deny that the reference to catholicism has already been a bone of contention…

  5. aly hawkins

    I have to agree with the critical consensus here, Corey, though I think it might be cool to combine a couple of them…such as abbey 412 or table west. I like the idea of “table” in connection with church, so I’m a bit partial to that.

    Did I break the rules? Are there five, five and only five options?

  6. corey Post author

    No, Aly, you did exactly what I’d hoped you’d do. I really love the way that you approach the common in an uncommon way. Do you mind if, hypothetically, of course, I submitted your suggestions into the conversation?

    However, this behavior speaks to one of the deeper characteristics of Aly McHawkMoreBeal…

  7. lorijo

    narthex is gross.
    adytum. sounds like a new kind of belly fat… (add..ih. tum(like tummy)
    ark…maybe for the hypothetical children’s ministry…

    hmm…none of them really appeal to me…
    sorry if that was harsh….

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