iphone phiasco

picture-1.pngUh-oh. Looks like Apple got into bed with the wrong partner for the iPhone launch. AT&T has massively fumbled the activation of the new phones. Customers who waited 12 hours in line outside of the Apple stores to get the phone then found themselves waiting another 12 hours to have it activated. It’s now been almost 24 hours, and still no activation. Their new phone just doesn’t work

There are even reports of customers who started the activation process, were told that it would take 24 hours, but the deactivation order went through on their old phone. They’re stuck with a $600 iBrick, and their old phone that no longer works.

Time to sell that $125 apple stock!

Read the official Apple forum thread.


Looks like several AT&T retail stores refused to sell the phone unless customers bought $75 or more worth of accessories along with the phone. Check the story on Gizmodo.

7 thoughts on “iphone phiasco

  1. Chris

    I never thought that AT&T was the right company to go with. I mean, with a phone that is marketed with unlimited data power, it really doesn’t make sense that Apple would go with one of the few companies that still doesn’t offer an unlimited data plan. There would seem that there are better options. And now there’s this. Don’t get me wrong, I still want an iPhone as much as the next guy, but this just makes me happy that I didn’t pay to be a new adopter. V2 will come soon enough and it’ll be just as awesome or more than this one.

    I hope…

  2. Rob

    Man, I actually had the complete opposite experience. Got my phone at the Apple store, only waited 2 hours. Went to the office, hooked it up to iTunes and it started working without a glitch.

    After messin’ with it all day, I can say it definitely lives up to the hype… and no, I don’t work for Apple.

    I even posted a fun video of my 3 yr old boy playing with it on YouTube. Search ‘robwt’ if you wanna see it.

  3. The Real Chad

    Why in the world would anyone wait in line for 12 hours even for an iPhone?

    I’m not saying it doesn’t seem totally awesome, but do these people not work? And if so, how do they afford an iPhone?

    And just think, in that time they would have saved waiting a day or two, they could have posted replies on a blog decrying people waiting in line. Right?

    Uhm, and who didn’t expect there to be a ton of problems from the start? It only happens with EVERY major tech product that gets launched. Only when you get to the version 2 of the product do they usually get the major kinks out of it.

    Thanks to everyone who waited in line for the chance to beta test the product and service so I can wait a year and buy one for $300. And just think of what I can do with that $600 that is still in my pocket for a year.

    All to sacrifice a rich internet searching experience on my phone. Oh wait, I have a T-mobile Dash that pretty much does every internet thing I need it to do already. Darn.

  4. Chris

    [quote comment="99410"][quote comment="99407"]it really doesn’t make sense that Apple would go with one of the few companies that still doesn’t offer an unlimited data plan. [/quote]

    AT&T added an unlimited data plan for the iPhone[/quote]
    I posted that comment before I talked to the guy I was sitting next to in the airport the next day. Needless to say, he told me the same thing that you just did.

    Except without the nifty link.

  5. corey

    My worship leader (DK) had one at church on Sunday. It’s pretty sepctacular. He just went over to the mall at 8pm that night and was in and out in 20 minutes. (THAT’s what’s insane… wait in line for the whole day, or wait for all those people to get theirs so I can stroll in a couple hours later and get my own? No contest…)

    I’ve never used a product that functions like that one. From the 20 minutes that it was in my hands, it lived up to the hype, and then some. I, too, am waiting for v1.x (and by that I mean “Beth told me I’m waiting for v1.x”) but I don’t foresee the price dropping from $500/$600 down to $300, unless you’re gonna get that v1 on ebay when v3 comes out.

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