Road Journal

We’re going out on the road with Agape this week.

I am taking my trusty, four year old Powerbook with me. I want to get a little writing done this week, and one of the things I am going to do is jot down a few notes, a little road journal.

When we return, one week from today, I will post my thoughts from today, and so on and so forth, that you may relive my week in real time… just… a week late.

I know that you all would be distressed if I went an entire week without a brain dropping from Chad on ole’ Addy.

See ya’ll in 168 hours.


3 thoughts on “Road Journal

  1. Chad

    Hey… had a chance to get on an internet connection here for a sec.

    Prepare yourselves… It’s gonna be a deluge. We’ve been on the bus… a lot.

    It’s going well, looking forward to sharing it with you all.

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