mobile update: thursday

I’m worried that I might be disclosing too much information about my inner thought life to the people on the blog. I do a pretty good job of managing my insecurities (crap, just spilled my jack and coke – hang on … ok, back) but when they’re out in the open like this, they seem so much more real, and that makes me vulnerable. How much disclosure is too much? But, if I don’t tell them the truth about what I think, am I being honest with them? I’m just so tired of all the masks. I want to be authentic.

Note: air freshener doesn’t seems to work against phantosmia. Now I spell country flowers AND fish.

3 thoughts on “mobile update: thursday

  1. Zack


    Mike is having a little freak out right now. Everything will be back to normal once he gets this out of his system and/or someone “accidentally” smashes his Treo with a hammer.

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