12 thoughts on “Zoo Day

  1. Zack

    Awesome. Now that Mike has the ability to blog via his cellphone, we’re gonna have to endure posts with titles like these:

    “I’m at Taco Bell, and they didn’t gimme any sauce!”
    “Traffic is fun.”
    “Just woke up, time for a dump.”
    “Sophia + Jack Daniels = Hilarious!”
    “High on crack again…”

  2. michael lee Post author

    **geekout alert**

    one of the first things I did was install an SSH program on the phone, so that I can login to the server from anywhere, and add new quotes.

  3. Chad

    Oh man.

    Good thing we have such an active peanut gallery for that monkey.

    That picture should be subtitled, “A Peaceable Kingdom.”

  4. Carrie

    Hey, Mike, did you REALLY think you could put up a picture of your tiny daughter next to a monkey and dodge the coming onslaught of cynical comments? C’mon.

    And, technically, that’s an APE. Monkeys have tails. (This concludes your random, useless fact of the day.)

    [Flings poop appreciatively.]

  5. Karen

    Cute! How much is the LA Zoo these days. I think we are going next Thursday want to meet up there? I think my kiddos would like Sophia a lot!

  6. Karen

    I am coming out with the kids (For our APU 10 year reunion). Bobby is on the road. Send me an email with your phone numbers.

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