A little too social

Ryan Boren is a very nice guy (I’m assuming) who works at Automattic, a company that makes some very nice tools to protect us from spam. Ryan has also been a part of the development community for WordPress, the software that runs this blog. Ryan is a new media guy, all about the blogging, the twittering, the Web 2.0′ing, the social networking and whatnot. Very social.

Ryan supports some of the cost of the blog by suggesting books to buy in his sidebar. I don’t know if these are books Ryan is currently reading, or books that Ryan has recently looked at on Amazon, or just books that Ryan thinks his readers might like. But I will say this – somebody has been a little too social.

Herpes 4 Everyone

Ryan, I don’t know who you’ve been talking to, but I don’t think Hydrogen Peroxide will cure Herpes.

4 thoughts on “A little too social

  1. Zack

    Actually, Mike, you’re wrong. Hydrogen Peroxide will cure Herpes. But you can’t just douse your “Cash and Prizes” with the stuff. You’ve got to set it on fire, too. That’s where the lack of appeal comes from.

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