Welcome to the bigs

Small Group rehearsal camp started today. I spent some time with the singers, helping them tackle this arrangement. I wrote it about 10 years ago, for a very different, much more experienced group of vocalists.


You know what? They did pretty well. Which is saying something, because that’s not a small piece of singing they bit off there. I was proud of them. If you’re interested, here’s the vocal chart:

Hymn Medley

10 thoughts on “Welcome to the bigs

  1. Scott

    Wait, YOU arranged that? I didn’t know that was you. I’ve heard it many times before. Good chart.

  2. Scott

    Who recorded this? Some of these people sound familiar. Were the singers who recorded this holding these charts, or are the charts a revised version? There are lots of differences in the lower voices (didn’t follow the top as much)…

  3. michael lee Post author

    The original arrangement was done around a piano, with me trying out different parts and having the singers memorize them right there. My original piano part consisted of two hymnals with paper clips in them, and a few transitions scribbled on the back of an offering envelope we pulled out of a pew. It was tracked by those same singers from memory in the studio, and I played piano on the recording, so nothing was ever written down, apart from the string orchestrations, obviously.

    The original was done with 5 parts – three very serious baritones who went all the way to A over middle C without breaking a sweat, and two great sopraltoes. It was a very fun group to write and arrange for.

    This chart is a takedown / arrangement for 6 voices instead of 5, with a few changes to make it a bit more singable. There aren’t that many differences in the chart, mostly doubles and a few lower chord tones shifted down into actual normal male ranges. Some of the color tones you’re hearing in the low part of the recording might be aggressive cello movements, not vocals.

  4. michael lee Post author

    Heidi must be your boss. She’s the only one who commented during working hours.

    Tsk, tsk, Heidi. I can’t believe you would spend precious moments of undergraduate registrar office time cruising the web looking for … vocal hymn arrangements. Dirty, dirty hymn arrangements.

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