2 thoughts on “Political Theory 101

  1. harmonicminer

    While appreciating the tone and spirit of your proposal, I have an addition to it that will make it work better.

    End automatic income tax deduction from from paychecks. Make every Amercian do what self-employed people must do, namely file quarterly tax payments based on estimated income for the year, and file a return by April 15 to resolve the whole thing.

    If people actually had to WRITE A CHECK to pay their taxes, four times per year, they’d have a much better handle on what they really pay, and what they really earn.

    It is the payroll deduction that makes enormous numbers of people not pay much attention, not think of the money as “their money” paid to the government, and think of their income tax refund, if they get one, as “the goverment’s money” given back to them.

    So… election day is April 16 (or the day after any quarterly tax payment is due), and the payroll deduction is ended (employers would still report the wages they pay, so there’d be no hiding income, something like the 1099 forms that are used to report income paid to independent contractors).

    That alone would cause a revolution in American politics like nothing else I can think of, and that’s no joke.

  2. Zack

    How about: “Press Button, Receive Bacon.” I’ve been applying that theory to a lot of things in my life lately…

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