13 thoughts on “A blog post that I will title, but will not write, offered freely for you to use.

  1. Chad

    HOLD ON!!! HOLD! ON!

    One at a time! ONE AT A TIME, FOOLS!!!

    Bandwidth is limited, people.

  2. Chad

    No, no. Don’t worry about this, Mike. I have it totally under control.

    We’re forming a single file line to the right, people!

  3. Stick

    The problem is that the title itself too clearly defines the obviously biased stereotypes leaving nowhere for the discussion to proceed. Now, if you want to start a real discussion, let’s talk about the difference between poa and bent grass on golf greens, and how it affects the roll of a putt in the morning versus the afternoon.

  4. Paul

    I won’t read a post with this title unless Aly writes it like a Dr. Seuss poem.

    Or, perhaps we could make up limericks:

    There once was a system named Linux…

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