100 Things, mostly about stick

(Ed: Stick left this as a comment on a previous post, but we have a house rule about comments not being more than 93 pages long, so I bumped it up to make it a post.)

Ok, so June wrote this for me. For the most part it’s very accurate. This is a good marriage excercise. Of course, guys, if you can only get to like #12, maybe it’s not such a good thing.

1. I started playing the piano because I was six and my parents decided I should take lessons.
2. If I hadn’t gone into music, I would’ve studied architecture.
3. I lived in the same house growing up – my parents didn’t move until I went to college.
4. I got really sick on a trip to Poland and on the endless flights home, was nearly brought to tears by a Herbie movie.
5. I really like technology….just for technology’s sake.
6. Eating is ok, but I’d be ok with not eating too…like, it would be handy if I could just take a pill like they did on Star Trek.
7. I’m 35 and feeling it. I feel alternately young (and like it when people think I am and are therefore especially impressed at how good
8. I am at what I do) and old (and hate it when my body hurt when I think it shouldn’t and I know that the main reason I’m good at what I do is because of how long I’ve been doing it.)
9. I can paint straight lines. No taping necessary.
10. I’m handier than most: if it’s broken, I can probably fix it or at least figure out why it needs to be fixed.
11. I wasn’t allowed to listen to pop music or even CCM as a child.This is not especially handy now that I’m a record producer.
12. For years, my first instinct, when asked a question, was to give a fairly positive, fairly vague answer. Because of my wife’s influence, I’ve learned to think about what I really think/mean and now give more accurate answers to questions asked of me. She still says that I’m not as in touch with my feelings as I could be. She’s probably right, but man, it takes so much energy…and golfing is way more fun than thinking about how I feel! Hey….I feel like golfing!
13. I attended Catholic church through my first communion. My parents then started attending an Assemblies of God church. I’m hyper- sensitive and overly critical of anything even remotely resembling spiritual coersion thanks to the Assemblies folks. Because of this, I’m rarely, if ever, comfortable being in the congregation during the “worship” (music) portion of a service. I pretty much have to be playing an instrument as part of the worship team or I’m fidgety and distracted and dissecting the music in every way. It’s partially a vocational hazard but might have some spiritual aspect to it as wellin that perhaps I’m not comfortable with music in church unless I have some control over it. I don’t know.
14. I can read really fast. I like reading almost anything but self-help books. Especially if they are Christian self-help books. (Yes, I realize the irony of that last sentence. You know what I mean.) I would really be content to eat a total of 10-20 foods. (see #6)
15. I don’t like listening to music when I’m not working. It’s what I do all day. When I’m not working, I’d prefer it to be quiet.
16. I once brought a very new girlfriend two dozen roses because when I stopped off to get just one rose for her, they were having a sale on a dozen and then there some special deal thing where you could get two dozen for an amazingly low price. She thought I was REALLY into her. I wasn’t. Oops.
17. When I was in high school, I performed a few concerts for my friends and family where I talked and sang from the piano. I wrote all the lyrics and all the music.
18. Some of my favorite childhood memories are of times spent with my grandfather in Montana.
19. I took a class on National Parks in college and can tell you a lot about any given one of them to this day.
20. I like rocks. I can tell you about different kinds of rocks and how they got to be where they are.
21. I had straight A’s almost always.
22. I dated a senior girl when I was a freshman in high school.
23. Sometimes I literally can’t think of a single thing to say to people in social settings.
24. If I could, I would golf every day.
25. I seriously considered becoming a ski bum after I graduated from college.
26. The car I had in college got flooded…along with the parking lot it was sitting in.
27. A good friend of mine (we were later business partners) and I alternately dated the same girl in college. We remained friends throughout.
28. I nearly break out in hives if I have to go in a Christian bookstore. I’m a Christian and I like books but I find that usually when Christians create environments for other Christians I feel like…I dunno. (See #11)
29. I love my children but at their current ages, they also drive me nuts.
30. Whenever people learn that I’m a music producer they almost always say, “Oh!” This is usually followed by a pause and then one of the following: “So, you do that full-time?” …”Have I heard anything you’ve done?” ….”What does a producer do?”… “What kind of music do you…uh…make, er, do?”
31. I have a birth mark on the iris in one of my eyes.
32. When I scored a highly lucrative national jingle my first year out of college, I thought that making money in the music industry would be no problem.
33. The piano teacher I had when I was in junior high and the beginning of high school took me to a music camp in Colorado that affected me greatly. I saw the Rockies for the first time, heard Steve Taylor talk about contemporary Christian music before it was called CCM and collected McDonald’s monopoly game pieces for thousands of miles. (No purchase necessary…we’d go through the drive-thru and ask for them.) [These were actually two separate stories with the same teacher.]
34. I’m not great at sight-reading.
35. I seriously impressed my wife-to-be by playing her my senior recital of Pictures at an Exhibition while driving her to see the sights in Chicago. The fact that I played that piece and could tell her about each “picture” is, perhaps, why she decided to marry me.
36. I think I could make a decent to good solo cd. I just need 30 hour days.
37. I can hardly remember a thing from before I was around age nine.
38. I really liked my high school nerd herd. I wonder what they’re each up to now.
39. I grew up believing that losing your virginity before marriage was just about the biggest sin any child could commit. In order of severity, it was above assault and battery, just below murder, tied with smoking. (This is a direct copy of #39 from a friend’s list. Apparently, there are many of us from the same tribe.)
40. Golfing and hanging out with my wife or skiing and hanging out with my wife is a perfect day to me.
41. I have trouble taking people with a Southern accent seriously.
42. I don’t drink coffee.
43. I feel like I should be able to quote more Bible verses than I can.
44. I find relating to people to be fairly exhausting.
45. I find musical history fascinating.
46. I like modern art, even when I don’t get it. I don’t think “getting it” is crucial.
47. I couldn’t fall asleep while laying on my back if you paid me but I’m told that I end up in that position frequently.
48. I’m currently preparing for my third trip to Poland where I produce an Irish recording artist in a Russian-built studio. [Actually, he’s Scottish and would be HIGHLY offended if you called him “Irish”.]
49. The most alcohol I’ve ever consumed in one sitting is half a glass of wine. [I had a whole glass of Dom Perignon once.]
50. I’ve never smoked a cigarette.
51. My wife thinks I own a lot of gear. There’s always room for more.
52. When my wife was in labor with our first child, I threw up.
53. I like movies. Because they are the quintessential cheap thrill to me, my expectations for them are low and I’m therefore content if there is anything even remotely entertaining/thought provoking/funny/ weird or different about them.
54. I can’t stand talk-radio shows with callers. The lack of intellect and logic of the average caller makes me want to hurl myself off a cliff.
55. My wife and I spent more money on our honeymoon than we did on our wedding.
56. If I had the means, I’d probably drive a really fast car.
57. I’m sure I’d be a better pianist if I’d grown up with more music happening around me.
58. I can run countless computer programs at the same time, whilst simultaneously IMing and talking on the phone but when my wife is trying to talk with me while the boys are making a ruckus, I seriously can’t focus on what she’s saying.
59. I love my parents and admire how they raised me…but I’d go seriously nuts if I had to live much of my adult life as they lived theirs.
60. Sometimes I’m jealous of other people’s money/skills/opportunities.
61. I want to go to Alaska.
62. Even though working in the music industry has not been how I expected it to be, I’m still glad that I do what I do.
63. I like almost anything made out of wood.
64. Right after I proposed to my wife, I bought her a car. Always good to seal the deal.
65. I might pursue a spot on The Champions Tour someday.
66. Looking at art in galleries is fun only because I married an artist.
67. Attending a Pampered Chef party is akin to getting kicked in the crotch.
68. I took two college courses—Interpersonal Communications and Calculus— the summer before my freshman year of college. I got an A in the communications class and a B+ in calculus. The prof in the interpersonal communications class would urge me on, saying things like “Yes, what Brian is saying is right on!” This is perhaps The Most Ironic Fact of my entire life. And, if I weren’t so honest, my wife would simply not believe it to be true.
69. I make barely audible scoffing sounds in my throat when bad musicians/ vocalists perform at churches.
70. I know my wife will always tell me her honest opinion about the music I create.
71. I think most people assume I make more money than I do.
72. I still cringe when people around me use swear words. It’s a remnant of my conservative upbringing. (Again, a copy. See #39)
73. Reading, in order of preference: spy novels, science fiction, anything golfy, historical fiction. [I’m not sure I’d use the term “golfy”, but the sentiment is right.]
74. I’ve always voted Republican, but at this point, I’m at somewhat of a loss.
75. I sometimes like to wash down a heap of cookies with a soda.
76. I remember my dad’s 30th birthday party.
77. I can’t wait until my sons are old enough to go golfing, mountain- biking and skiing with me. And they stop whining.
78. I’m surprised at how often in life one is simply winging it.
79. Sometimes I’m not sure whose family is weirder: mine or my wife’s.
80. If I lived alone, there would be a lot of blue in my house.
81. I have no desire to be a runner.
82. I basically didn’t listen to pop music until I was in college.
83. I’d go a little nutty if I had to live in a giant city.
84. When I was ages 6-8, my mom gave me a new Hot Wheels if I practiced the piano every day for a week. It was a sweet gig.
85. I’d rather give piano lessons to an advanced teenager than to a child who is just beginning to learn. Maybe that will change.
86. If I got to ski with any regularity, I’d get good at it fast.
87. I admire Michael W. Smith.
88. I don’t get the appeal of porn.
89. I’m grateful for my in-laws and their abilities.
90. I think my grandfather was one of the coolest men ever.
91. I’d do just about anything to help out my parents.
92. I suffer from allergies every stinkin’ spring.
93. I like telling my sons things like: “The car is making that sound because it’s powered by giant lizards and right now they’re really hungry!”
94. My wife thinks I could play nearly any instrument in the world.
95. I’ve learned how to build great fires.
96. I rarely feel anxiety about things I can’t do anything about.
97. I know I should generally be more ‘up on things’ but it takes more will power than I usually have to wrap my mind around anything that I don’t naturally find interesting. Basically, I could live a fairly simple life and be quite content with it.
98. Even though I love what I do, about half the time I’m still stressed about income and partially annoyed with how my career has gone thus far. But, being partially annoyed only about half the time is not so bad really.
99. I’d buy almost anything made by Apple.
100. The inside of my dresser looks like someone shook it.

16 thoughts on “100 Things, mostly about stick

  1. michael lee

    Stick, I didn’t go more than about 20 seconds at a time without collapsing in riotous laughter. This is awesome.

    #58. Oh man. This is the curse of every guy.

  2. Philip

    I laughed at the point about hating being in the worship part unless you are doing something, it’s nic to know I’m not the only one :)

  3. Gloria

    #13 might explain all these years of distracted worship for my 53 year old husband. Thanks.

  4. michael lee

    Stick, I didn’t realize you were so into golf. I knew you liked playing, but I had no idea you’d consider going pro. We should definitely never, ever play together. You might go insane.

  5. june

    Brian would play golf with a penguin. “Any golf is good golf” is his mantra. He actually writes reviews of courses for some online golfy thingy in exchange for them paying for his greens fees.

  6. Stick Post author

    Yeah, see that’s one of the spots where having June write it skews the persona a little. Sure, I’d LOVE to be good enough in 15 years to play pro golf. I’m not that good now, and I’m good enough to know that to get there from here would require WAY more than I or my family is willing to sacrifice. Though, if I could make it, even for a year, the dough is mighty sweet.

    I have a feeling the “course reviews for greens fees” is probably the most money I’ll ever make playing golf. Well, unless you want to bet me when we play.

    Gloria and Phillip… yes, I think this is a big vocational hazard. I know there are guys that can separate it out, but I sure can’t. Of course, I can’t not hear what’s playing in whatever restaurant we’re in either, so…

  7. sharon wortman farnham

    I loved hearing what a sensitive and caring young man you are your parents did a really good job raising you . They have a lot to be proud of . It sounds like you well be a good example to your children .I have never heard your music if I had I don’t remember it the music we listen to the most is ballroom dance music their is nothing like a good cha cha you and your wife should try it . Dancing is great extercise it keeps you more physically fit for longer .

  8. june

    Ummm…what the heck?!

    Chad, hurry hurry! I can’t wait to read yours! I think all the Addison Road authors should do this…it’s such entertaining reading and is a little workout for the psyche of the person writing it. (Which means B got his workout vicariously I guess. He also appreciates it when I go to the gym or go running as well.)

  9. michael lee

    [quote comment="61098"]You’ve got spam![/quote]
    Yeah, I actually put that one through intentionally, because I couldn’t tell. It seems to actually be a real comment on the post, even though the site is selling a book.

    Oh well.

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