MP3 Test File

In a previous post, I mentioned an audio file that Devin Sheets put together demonstrating what happens when an audio file undergoes mp3 conversions. I’ve posted that file on it’s own page, if you’d like to check it out. Feel free to comment back here on this thread. The link is:

mp3 test page

Thanks to Devin for putting this together, and for giving me permission to post it up on the inter-tubes. If any of those links at the top of the page look interesting to you, please click away. It’ll help me cover the cost of hosting the files. Especially if this thing gets linked to by other sites.

3 thoughts on “MP3 Test File

  1. Daniel Semsen

    it takes me a minute to notice it…maybe just before half way. Then again. I’m listening while the kids are asleep on my tiny computer speakers…I need some Bose noise-cancelling headphones…

  2. Foster

    hearing samples like this always fascinates me. like..every time i think, oh my gosh…the initial sound quality is so drastic from the others!! even though i expect it to be, lol. great stuff. and props to devin!

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