The Future of LA Metro?

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LA metro map

This just made me cry a little when I saw it. This is the kind of mass transit I want for LA – can you imagine being able to hop the metro from Pasadena to LAX, from Burbank to Long Beach? This is a map drawn up by Damien Goodman, posted and discussed vigorously over at my favorite little local blog, Metroblogging LA.

Here’s how much I love this plan – I would gladly pay a $0.05 gas tax for the next ten years if it went to a restricted fund to build this system (maybe we could get the good folks from the Port Hueneme Seabees to come build it in 6 months, instead of the 50 years it would take MTA). And you all know how much I hate paying taxes for anything.

Goodman has a site going live sometime in the next week or so, at

6 thoughts on “The Future of LA Metro?

  1. Jeremy

    Tax! No Way! Never! But let me look at this…

    Hmmm…station 1 block from my office in Venice. Station 5 min drive from my house in Orange County. Hmm…I could read, or play video games, or sleep….

    Tax! Yes! Please!

    I’m afraid by the time this would be done I’d no longer need it because I’d be retired. But I would be for the Seabees….

  2. John L

    I remember a long time ago LA city trying to build something underground – is it still running? I was born and raised in OC and remember the excuse being “low density” any time rapid transit was proposed. we’re in N. Cal now (since ’83), regional densities are probably equivalent, but Bay Area has BART. even sprawling suburban Sacramento has xlnt-fast light rail to many points.

    but i’m confused – was it you who got the DIsney gig? who wrote that sultry book in your sidebar? (which I just ordered for my wife for Valentines Day!) There are a lot of people on this blog – i can’t keep it all straight. a bassoon player?

  3. aly hawkins

    Hey, John! You are not alone in your blog-author confusion. If you click the “Etc.” tab on the top of the page, you can Meet the Authors. That might help you navigate the mayhem.

  4. michael lee Post author

    Each post has an author picture under it, from the person who wrote it. You can click that too, to get an idea of what people are writing.

  5. francisco

    i have a 31 line project on data and time span for rush hour the streets
    i have a passion for making metro and im only fourteen years old and i live in the ghetto and have riden metro for 14 years of my life your lines are good but some dont need construction like vermont sunset to 134th freway my ridership in metro is 100% efeicient and it will work cuz im young and have this passion for la county metro

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