My Dearest Schmoopykins

Well, Aly and Ash have demonstrated how devastatingly awesome good poetry can be, and I’m starting to feel like my own poetic abilities are under-appreciated. In order to regain the love of you philistines and plebeians, I hereby present a work of unparalleled beauty and rhymyness. Hopefully, this will make my wife’s little heart spin in a tizzy.

You are always on my mind
Here you will find my thoughts, outlined
Gretchen my dear sweetheart
I really feel my life did just start

Gretchen, you are unbelievably beautiful
Not having met you earlier makes me feel like a fool
I’m not sure you will like my poem
But know that my heart is overthrown

Being with you makes everything else so futile
Being with you makes life really worthwhile
My love is so strong it makes me fly
I love you immensely, that I cannot deny

I hope you can put this my funky jams to use
Being with you still blows my fuse
I look forward to our next moment together
Even when it is raining it feels like the best weather

This work of enduring poetic genius brought to you by …

love poem generator

14 thoughts on “My Dearest Schmoopykins

  1. Zack

    It almost rhymes with “Bitchen”, which is, well, bitchen.

    But I’m surprised there’s no Man From Nantucket in there, Mike.

  2. Paul

    I entered the name of one of my long-lost heart throbs, Boom-Boom Latush, into the Poem Generator. Here’s the result:

    Boom-Boom Latush, I never told you how I truly feel
    Hiding my feelings is far from ideal
    Never shall I kiss someone else’s lips
    Never will we make any boring trips

    Boom-Boom Latush, you are unbelievably beautiful
    When I am near you my heart goes like a raging bull
    Words cannot express
    What I felt when you said ‘yes’

    Boom-Boom Latush, you mean so much to me
    I never knew this could be
    You are my sweetheart day by day
    I hope you will never go away

    This gift(?) is for you, I hope you will like it
    I am dying to see your reaction, that I will admit
    This poem has come to an end
    There are many more I would like to send

    Wait a minute… Mike’s poem copied some of my lines!

  3. grammy

    “We love her even when she’s kvetchin’…”

    p.s. Paul just finished a massive writing project and has waaaaay too much time on his hands right now.

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