Shameless Blog Promotion, Part XXII

Addison Road got some big ups this week at Next Wave Magazine, one of the main online publications for the emerging church. The editor over there, Bob, included two of Addy’s past posts in the January issue. One is the first of The Dementape Letters and the second is one of Michael’s hilarious and pointed Purpose Productions Comics.

If you’ve just clicked over from Next Wave, welcome to the Road House! Glad to have you. Grab a beverage and hang awhile. If you’re a longtime reader, check out Next Wave and vote in the article polls for our features. (You can find the polls on the right-hand side of the page. If we find out you voted “Ugh, please, don’t print articles like this again!,” expect a visit from Vinnie the Kneecap.)

6 thoughts on “Shameless Blog Promotion, Part XXII

  1. michael lee

    Hells yeah! I almost forgot that this was an emerging church blog for a while there.

    Congrats, Aly. You’re now a thrice published author! Phil, can I include this on my academic CV? Right under “Time’s Person Of The Year”?

  2. Gretchen

    That’s awesome Aly. I’m glad the Demontape letters are getting a larger reading audience. They’re just too good to sit in the archives.

  3. Morphea

    I won’t be satisfied until Aly’s getting a standing O on Oprah, personally. This is a pretty good start. Al, you lining up any movies where you’re a musical star? Like you come out of the woodwork and blow everyone away and everyone wonders why the hell you got booted off American Idol so fast? Just curious…


  4. jc shakespeare


    I read your Dementape Letters over on NextWave — thoroughly delightful! I’m just getting reacquainted with the Emerging Church phenom; I met Andrew Jones (TallSkinnyKiwi) years ago here in Austin, but lost touch with him when he left. That is, until I came across his blog while playing on my blog which led me to NextWave which brought me down Addison Road . . . I’ve seen thousands of blogs in the last few months, and this is one of the cleanest, brightest, most creative blogs with great posts and great discussions. Looking forward to more!

    Visit me at Peace Meme

  5. Paul

    Congrats! And, as I clicked onto Next Wave, the ad featured a spinoff (on healthy eating) from my Focus on the Family health and fitness book. More (unintentional) shameless blog promotion. The ad content changes every time I click it, however, but the book has popped up a couple of times. Go figure.

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