Demo-lition Derby

I need a little help from my friends. Remember this class that I’m teaching?

It’s the one where the students produce a short album over the course of a semester.

Well, I’m meeting with the students for the first time on Monday night, to talk through the details of the class, and to get them headed in the right direction on the project. I’m going to hand them a sample packet of what a final project should look like, to give them something to shoot for, and I decided to use a song from The Dailies’ record as the model (totally violating the sanctity of Chad and Erica’s intellectual property of course. Suck it up. It’s for the children). I’ll put together a microphone input list, a budget, a timeline, a recording schedule, everything they need to do for the course, around that one song. The cool thing about this is that I have actual demos tracking the progress of all of these songs from The Dailies record, so the students will get to hear everything from first demos all the way through to final masters.

So, here’s what I need from you – which song should I use? Picture yourself as a 21-year-old music student. Then, go here and listen to the 30-second clips (or better yet, buy the album!). Then, tell me which song you think would most capture the interest and creative attention of the students in the class.

13 thoughts on “Demo-lition Derby

  1. corey

    I’m thinking “what it is” for the disco vibe or “unplug” for the good, universal pop sensibilities. Also, “wake us” would be cool to see the changes from the demo to that first night of rehearsals.

    I’m no help.

  2. Stick

    Yeah, I gotta go Unplug. Cool song, good combination of keys/guitar production, and the best drum sound I’ve ever worked on.

  3. michael lee Post author

    I’m on the fence between Unplug and Wake Us, for exactly the reasons you guys listed.

    I think it might end up being Unplug because it’s a stellar example of a sound that’s approachable for them, something them might be able to actually recreate in the room.

    Especially Corey’s weak-ass guitar parts.

  4. Chad

    Wait, so… they’re all covering one song!?! If so, you’re so posting them when they’re done.

  5. michael lee Post author

    no, nothing like that.

    I’m putting together a sample packet of what a final project looks like, including budget, timeline, etc. I thought it would be more compelling if I did that sample packet using an actual song, and so I’m basing it around one of yours.

    Sting was unavailable.

  6. Josiah Mory

    I can’t believe that the dailies are on itunes! Way to not promote, Mike! Anyway, if I were the 21 year old student that you talked about, I would think that “Everything Must Go” would be a good song because it grooves well and would also ensure that you wouldn’t have to deal with anyone falling asleep! Not that you wouldn’t enjoy having to deal with that kind of problem.

  7. michael lee Post author

    [quote comment="36795"]Way to not promote, Mike![/quote]

    Dude, did you not see the big What It Is banner in the sidebar? I’m doing my part.

  8. Josiah Mory

    Oh, umm…yeah..I am definitely blind. Owned by Mike Lee. Oh well, I am used to it by now.

  9. Stick

    I can’t believe you didn’t even get a nibble on the “Corey’s weak-ass guitar parts” line. Corey, where are you!? Defend yourself! You’re only a year late!

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