15 Hymns: O Come All Ye Faithful

As part of their ongoing effort to whip the blog readership up into a rabid fan frenzy, The Dailies have submitted this tune as their first contribution to 15 Hymns. O Come, All Ye Funky.


o come all ye
photo by Pascalichouchou

3 thoughts on “15 Hymns: O Come All Ye Faithful

  1. Chad

    I wanted to do a full intro for this tune, but… life is totally out of control and I didn’t even have time to tune the vocals. Stick will get a little twitchy at times.

    My brain got seared by Mannheim Steamroller’s Christmas album when I was a kid. I got this crazy idea that Christmas and electronic music went together. This tune was meant to play in that same space.

    Hope ya’ll enjoy.

  2. Stick


    Sounds cool. When it’s time for the Dailies’ Christmas Joint, we’ll do some mixahizzle.

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