5 thoughts on “15 Hymns: O Magnum Syntherium

  1. Morphea

    Ahhhn. This has, since I heard it first in Freshman Music History, always been a favorite of mine. And hearing it all vocoder-y makes my geek heart tremble. Thanks for this, Mike. Beautifully done – and I want to hear about The Process, of course.

    Aside note: Ramon and I got so attached to this piece that we actually used it mightily in our wedding – the music playing during the candlelighting and processional of the whole wedding party. I was particularly gratified that it worked out so beautifully that I made my entrance with Dad JUST as the choir sings “O beata Virgine”. You can’t buy moments like that, people.


  2. michael lee Post author

    you have no idea how long I looked on the internet for a picture of a Robot Choir. Couldn’t find one. Settled for this picture of an angelic little child’s face listening with rapt attention.

  3. michael lee Post author

    [quote comment="31125"]So…about the process.[/quote]

    I sang in all 4 parts on a middle “C”, ran a pitch correction plug-in on them that was automated to switch the voice to the appropriate note for the part, then ran that through a vocoder, played in each part on the vocoder, then put the vocoded part back through the pitch correction software.

    Plus, like a billion delays and reverbs. It was hella fun.

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