15 Hymns: Divinum Mysterium

(ed: title corrected based on new info from the comments)

From Rod Lewis:

Hi Michael,
I’m Rod Lewis, a lurker at Addison Road, but have commented a time or two. I’ve attached a submission in answer to your 15 hymns call. I’ve really enjoyed what everyone has contributed so far, and realize that this is nothing like any of the rest, and maybe you’re looking only for vocal music. Thought I’d send this anyway, you can listen, post, laugh, delete – whatever suits your fancy (as they say here in the south).

I’m a prof at a small bible college in Columbia, SC. I teach music theory, applied guitar, and contemporary worship. I also side gig as worship leader at a local church. Married with 3 kids…

The piece I’m sending you is a guitar arrangement of “O Magnum Mysterium”.
So… there it is.


Rod, this is exactly the kind of thing I was hoping for – music from people who love music. Fantastic playing, by the way. Can I ask where you teach?

divinmu mysterioum

16 thoughts on “15 Hymns: Divinum Mysterium

  1. Gretchen

    Wow, thank you Rod for sharing this. It is beautifully done.

    My brother Scott Weiss attended a small bible college in Columbia, SC back in 1993-1995, for his Masters in Missions (yeah don’t remember the actual degree name). Wonder if it’s the same. Small world.

  2. rod

    thanks everyone for your kind words.

    yes, I teach at Columbia International University. The university includes a Bible College, Seminary and Grad School of Missions. Gretchen, no doubt your brother was here. I was here at that time too, we probably bumped in to one another.

    I’ve really enjoyed everyone’s Christmas hymns, and I enjoy the blog


  3. Stick

    Thanks Rod. Great playing.

    Hey, tell us a little about the hymn… I don’t recognize it. I’m guessing rennaisance?

  4. rod

    Well, it’s like this, as soon Stick asked about the hymn, I realized that I’d given it the wrong title. Ouch. I feel like an idiot. While Divine Mysteries are certainly great, and magnificent and all, this particular mystery is simply titled Divine. The correct title of this tune is “Divinum Mysterium.” It does however speak of the same mystery as does “O Magnum Mysterium.” I’ve done this before – named this tune incorrectly – but I didn’t catch it when I emailed the file, nor when I saw it posted today. Sheesh.
    This tune is an 11th century Sanctus Trope. The text is “Of the Father’s Love Begotten” from the very beginning of the 5th century.

    Ok, let it fly, I am aptly humiliated, I may as well take the flogging.

  5. aly hawkins

    Dude, give yourself a break. The only mockable thing about your mistake is that you’re a music professor…but I’m an editor, and I stille mayke speeling airors. Nobody said you have to be perfect to be qualified.

  6. Doug

    “Of the Father’s Love Begotten” is one of my favorite Christmas hymns but we have rarely used it in our worshiping community because many find it difficult to sing. That third line seems to trip up lots of folks.

  7. Sharolyn

    I quoted the wrong amendment. Misquoting only confirmed that I am definitely not perfect.

    Rod, I loved this as well. BEAUTIFUL!

  8. Paul

    Teri (Grammy) and I are catching up on the 15 hymns submissions, and this one is my favorite. We sang this plainsong style at Pomona College (home of the fighting Sagehens) in the late 60s, and you rarely hear it performed.

    When is the CD coming out?

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