15 Hymns: Hark The Herald Angels Sing

From the Stick Man himself, featuring his own glorious singing in it’s international worldwide debut!

Hark, The Herald Angel’s Sing, a 15 Hymns exclusive. (Until he releases the Christmas record that he originally recorded this for.)

christmas choir

photo by drp

14 thoughts on “15 Hymns: Hark The Herald Angels Sing

  1. Stick

    Well, this cut is from a CD that I produced last month that features the talents of my church’s worship team. So, since I lead when Tony, the usual WL is gone, he thought I should go ahead and sing one. The background group is the 4 singers that sing on Sundays, plus a backbone of ringers… i.e., Chad and Erica.

    And though at the moment this is the only place to find it on the web, the CD is freshly out and on sale at my church. It’ll be showing up on iTunes all over the world soon.

    And here’s the cover, hand painted by the beautiful and talented June.


  2. Stick

    Ok you people that know how I really sing… Did you hear what Aly said!? She likes my sexy head voice.

  3. june

    “Lovely” dear, she said “lovely.”

    Not that “sexy” shouldn’t be a goal whilst singing about baby Jesus.

  4. Chad

    Now, I can only assume that by “Private Jet,” you mean, “Private 2001 Pathfinder with 160,000 miles and a mean wobble above 70mph,” right?

  5. michael lee Post author

    You’re not planning on driving that posh private Pathfinder to your congressional hearings when you ask for a $25 billion bailout, are you?

  6. Chad

    I had to borrow my cousin’s minivan to make it to Orange County last weekend.

    Soo… we’re definitely taking the private jet to D.C.

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