15 Hymns: Sweet Little Jesus Boy

So, you knew Aly and Ash were going to get in on this. And you knew it would be something funky and cool

This is “Sweet Little Jesus Boy”, in what will surely become an instant classic. It will also most likely have the distinction of being the only song included in “15 hymns” that is 3 minutes of an F chord. We all about the groove, yo. Incidentally, this is the first time in many moons that Ash & Aly have collaborated. They are still married after the experience. According to Ash.


soul boy
photo by carlf

Also, let me take a second to send out a call to those of your who fly under the radar at Addison Road. Send me your hymns! It doesn’t need to be a production, as long as it’s real. I’d love to hear something from someone new.

15 thoughts on “15 Hymns: Sweet Little Jesus Boy

  1. Chad

    It really does bring Sexyback. Remember people, Jesus was immaculately concieved. Do try and keep that in mind.

    And yes, Aly’s low voice is the shizz. Nice work, you two. You oughta do some original stuff for My Lover is Mine so you can really chase that muse, as the kids call it these days.

    This project is my new favorite thing. Erica and I have two in the works.

  2. aly hawkins

    Yes, we are still married. We’d never let a little thing like creative differences break up the band.

    Seriously, though, we had big fun throwing this together. It was mostly Ash, with me interrupting his flow with suggestions like, “You know what would be cool? A zither. Do you have a zither? Huh? Huh?”

  3. Chad

    DId someone master this for you? I listened again on my big boy speakers and it sounds way more hi-fi then other tracks Ashmopez has put together…

    If it’s all you, then good job, buddy.

  4. Karen

    How funny! My response was almost exactly what Gretchen wrote except it was:
    SEXY! Wait, can you call baby Jesus sexy?
    I would so buy an album like this!

  5. Grammy

    “Sackbutt” is sooooo much cooler than “trombone.” How on earth did we choose trombone rather than sticking with sackbutt???

    Ash and Aly, I don’t know how to add to what’s already been said. Do a whole album like this and I will listen to it EVERY DAY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, maybe I exaggerate a teensy bit, but you get the point. Tres cool, kids!!!


  6. RT

    You call this music???

    That was so lame and an insult! My Grandfather sang this song for Christmas every year and I looked forward to hearing this special song. I am very hurt and very disturbed that this is all you could compose for this very heart-felt touching song. You have to imagine the poetry of the American Civil War in the 1800′s and an aging “African-American” standing off in the middle of a field, just giving his heart to Jesus in the stillness….(The meaning of the song explained to Robin White by Robert Macgimsey, 1966)

    I did not feel nor experience the love for Christ nor the feelings from the soul that Jesus would reveal in your heart that only the true love of his mercy will produce.

    He is in the world, and the world was made by Him, and the world knew Him not. He came unto His Own and His Own received Him not.

    This recording sounds no more than a selfish group trying to exploit their gift for their own benefit. God have mercy on you

  7. michael lee Post author

    RT, I don’t know you, or your history with this song, and I’m fairly certain that you won’t be back to read this, but I’ll say it anyway.

    Nothing here is for sale. Nobody here is trying to exploit anything. What you’ve stumbled upon is a group of friends, all of whom love music and love Christ, sharing with each other some of the joy of the Christmas season. I hope that you can see this project from that perspective.

    I’m not sure how you can leap from an musical arrangement you don’t like to disparaging someone’s spiritual life, but I should tell you that whatever Holy Spirit you have inside of you just misfired. Discernment is not your gift. Aly and Ash are two of the most generous, compassionate, reflective, and insightful people I know.

    As their friend, I take personal offense to your comments.

  8. Chad

    And while we’re at it, Captain Discernment, you should know that my homegirl actually logged some years in The Mothaland.

  9. aly hawkins

    Some new personal slogans:

    Aly & Ash: Creating controversy without even trying.

    Michael & Chad: Now with smackdown so gentle, you’ll ask for more.

  10. Morphea

    RT (wanker) did us the great favor of bringing this back to the fore, however, and I’ve had the pleasure of listening to it with delight several times already today.

    Aly and Ash – I bow on bended knee yet again to your stunning musicianship. Michael, you’re such a loving guy. Too bloody polite, though. Chad, thanks for the laugh.

    And RT, thank you for pushing this back up to blog visibility. Now you and your own personal Jesus can bugger off. Troll.

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