15 Hymns: No Eye Had Seen

Christmas has begun! Fill the air with music!

This first installment of the 15 Hymns comes from George Rowe. Our local producer/rock star Stick has been George’s creative partner over the course of several projects, one of which was a Christmas record that they did “in about 20 minutes, total” according to George. He sent me a half-dozen cuts off the record to choose between for the 15 Hymns extravaganza, and this version of “No Eye Had Seen” seemed like the perfect way to kick off the season.


If any of you are in the Maryland area, George is on the road there this week. Go check him out at his website, www.georgerowe.com.


10 thoughts on “15 Hymns: No Eye Had Seen

  1. michael lee

    Beautiful. George is in that rare categories of singer that we keyboardists love to play with (and would love to play with more often, Rowe!) because they have the vocal pipes to soar above whatever we do, which means we get to really play whenever we accompany them.

    I played one gig with George, on 2nd keyboards behind Stick. It was a blast.

  2. Stick

    No, that’s actually a chick… lemme pull out the case…

    Rachel Oliver-Cobbin. As I recall, she was pretty great.

    Chad, the Rocketown record is almost all George. On this Christmas one, we had quite a few other singers contributing. (Sometime you’ll have to hear G and I impersonating boy band vocals on Joy To The World… I mean, c’mon! It was the year 2000!)

  3. Gretchen

    I was with you Chad. I thought he’d sung the high stuff too and was giving Jody McBrayer a run for his money. Great song to start it all off.

  4. Morphea

    Wow – when Rachel was ascending on “destiny” I was all, “No, no she wouldn’t. She’s going to, oh dear holy god, this is going to totally su-…” and it was perfect. I worship them.

    Smitty been spanked.


  5. june

    Unasked for tidbit: part of the reason G & B had to make that cd in approximately 20 minutes was because both myself and George’s wife were 9 months preggers…our son was born December 22nd and their boy came on December 26th.

    No pressure.

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