7 thoughts on “Phreaky Phriday: Charlie goes to Candy Mountain!

  1. aly hawkins

    I’m snickering and I can’t stop. “Shun the unbeliever” is my new personal tagline. If only our blog had taglines, I could share it with the world. Hmmm, too bad.

  2. Chad

    This just hurts me… because I think it’s just… so… on. We don’t me to do this, but we really, really do.

  3. Siakura`

    XD I just about died when my twelve year old sister showed me this. I actually am addicted to that song and learned all the words and the tune….I even have it on my ipod…. >.>

  4. charlieeeeee

    shunnnnnnn…. shun the non believers….. shuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnn

    ohhhhhh yes its the bestttttt

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