On Participation

Kyrie Yeshua

300 strong we lift this cup
And cry the “Hallelujah”
And sing

I arrive, and am at once a harried messenger of grace
Procuring and delivering the dispensations
Removed from the penitent throng

But when we lift this cup
300 strong and I
We cry the “Hallelujah”
and sing

I am not a people set adrift

6 thoughts on “On Participation

  1. Morphea

    I forget, sometimes, to continue complimenting you on the poems you submit, since they’re always so good. This one is particularly full of feeling for me.


  2. Doug

    Just few of the readers here got to be a part of the experience that I believe inspired those words. I had the privilege of being among the “300 strong” who lifted the cup. Last Sunday, Mike led the penitent and impenitent alike to that sacred space and time where Emmanuel made his Advent among those gathered in Christ’s name. Messengers of grace, harried or not, are always needed in my life. I am grateful to be one who received, and glad Mike is among our people here.

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