15 Hymns in 15 Days

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15 Hymns in 15 days. This is the evolution of Aly’s project from last Christmas, listing lyrics from some of our favorite Christmas Carols. This year, it’s all about the ear candy. I want audio. From December 10th through the 24th, I’m going to post one Christmas Hymn per day. In fine Road House tradition, you will, of course, be doing the actual work.

spin meRecord me some Hymns. Fire up the Protools rig, or Garage Band, or book a week at The Village – I don’t care! Send me an original recording of a Christmas Hymn, one that you just discovered, one that you’ve always loved, one you just wrote. I’ll post them here, along with any detail you’d like me to include. I know some of our regulars have some very cool stuff in their back pocket that they can pull out for this, but I think there are a lot of you out in reader land who should get in on this too. It can be simple, just you sitting at a piano, or it can be an obscenely ornate production. As long as it’s a decent recording, send it.

Email me the audio file to me (mp3 only, please), along with some info on who you are, and what you do, and why you picked this song. Let’s get some content up in here! Who’s in?

15 thoughts on “15 Hymns in 15 Days

  1. Paul

    Welcome back!

    This is a wonderful idea! Just to clarify… can this only be a Christmas hymn that we ourselves have performed/recorded? If so, I will have to humbly request participation of a few family members, presumably after this year’s church music programs are over and done.

    Can it be something obscure but cool from my vast collection of Christmas CDs, or would that be considered some sort of no-no copiage to post it here?

  2. michael lee Post author

    You have to own the copyright on the recording. Don’t rip something off a CD to submit. I’m looking for original material.

    Paul, you should fire up the old 12 string and play us a ditty. I’m sure you can find someone nearby with a laptop and a microphone to capture it.

  3. Foster

    this is our perfect chance to make “one more chance” funky and christmas like!! lol i’m kidding. i guess i should stop harassing you to record stuff. but for realzies…i think i might do this :)

  4. Stick

    Ha ha, when I got on this topic today, the Google ads are for a “Recording Engineer Career” and “Music Recording School”.

    I guess they’re assuming these Christmas cuts are going to suck.

    And what about “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town”? I think in certain circles it would be considered a hymn.

  5. june

    I’m so very tempted to truck my kiddos on into Daddy’s studio and torture you all with their version of Joy to the World. They’re ages almost 6 and 2. Nuf said. (Don’t worry, it’s just a temptation, not a reality.)

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