My First Turkey

I had to call my mom three times yesterday, so I have to give her some of the credit. But can I just say that if you haven’t eaten organic free-range gobble, you don’t know what you’re missing?

(Sorry for the poor pic quality — it tasted much better than it looks.)

4 thoughts on “My First Turkey

  1. grammy

    I made my very first “from scratch” apple pie yesterday, and may I say that it turned out rather fabulously? Congrats to us, Aly, the women who never did the feminine stereotype things the women who can, indeed, bake a turkey and make an all-American apple pie when we simply decide it’s the right time to go all retro! You go, girlfriend!

  2. june

    Diestel was our organic, free and all that turkey brand of choice…cuz my dear bro-in-law is a manager at Diestel. Whoo-hoo! Between my 15 house guests, an over-tired two-year-old and a five-year-old intent on gorging himself on rolls, I enjoyed exactly three bites of (cold) turkey. But still, it was good and I’m thankful and all. Congrats on the turkey and apple pie makin’.

  3. Cliff

    Congratulations, Aly! As the official turkey roaster in my family, I know what a challenge that first bird is. I can certainly vouch for the qualities of a well cared for, fresh bird. Ours come from a local farm and are always splendid.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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