Ph Ph: Women, Know Your Limits

Embedding this video turned out to be too much for my meager html skills, but since I’m a woman, my incapacity makes perfect sense.

6 thoughts on “Ph Ph: Women, Know Your Limits

  1. Zack

    Whoa. This was to be my Phreaky Phriday entry! But if anyone was to beat me to the punch, I’m glad it was an actual woman. Whew!

    My favorite part is the last line of the male actor. Priceless……

  2. Sharolyn

    I don’t get it. My brain is overloaded. Can’t… take… in… complicated… information…

  3. aly hawkins Post author

    My favorite part is the look on the woman’s face before she blurts out her opinion on the gold standard and trade. I’ve had that look (at least on the inside) SO many times — it’s the “Fighting it… fighting it… smothered opinion strangling me… can’t… hold back…” Look.

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