A Blogging Fast

solitudeIt works like this: every ball you add to your juggling act looks small when you first pick it up, and get ready to throw it in the air. But before long, those balls become chainsaws, and the plank in your own eye prevents you from seeing the pearls of wisdom that you’ve cast before swine. Or whatever.

Starting over.

The end of this post marks the start of an internet fast. I’m shutting down my newsfeed reader. I’m taking firefox out of my dock. I’ll be offline, except for email, until the end of November. My friends, you’re on your own for a little while – please don’t trash the place.

Life has a way of stacking up, until the tower leans over and can’t support it’s own weight. That’s how it feels to me, right now, and I’ve realized that I’m using the internet as a means of escape. I pop on for 10 minutes in the morning, and it turns into 60, or I come home at night and log on to unwind. The result is that, even when I’m in the same room with my family, I’m not really there with them. I want to figure out a better balance between all of these things, but in order to do that, I need to clear some brush first.

The blog isn’t going anywhere – the other fine authors will continue to shovel meaningless drivel out on a semi-daily basis, and you should all keep coming back for that. Chad, Aly, Gretchen, and Ash all have administrative access on the blog, so they can approve your comments that get held up for moderation. Hopefully they can all keep the spam under control as well.

Take care, my friends, and I’ll see you all again in December.

(P.S. DO NOT throw a kegger in the backyard while I’m gone. The neighbors have my cell phone number, and THEY WILL call me!)

13 thoughts on “A Blogging Fast

  1. aly hawkins

    You’ll be missed, Michael, but we’ll try to keep things from spinning out of control while you re-prioritize. (No promises…this thing is always on the edge of anarchy.)

  2. Zack

    [Silently sneaks into the room, hunched over, ominous......]

    Shhhh…..he might be listening from the other room…..

    Let’s TP the hell outta this mutha…..

    [Giggles. Creeps back out of the room....]

  3. Sharolyn

    Mike, I am impressed with your self-dicipline, even if you don’t read this until December.

    Does this mean we can surprise him with new taglines?

  4. Jonathan

    I respect your decision but now you do realize that I will be splattered on your office door to soak up my weekly wisdom. Not the way I would like it but with an internet fast it must happen.

  5. phil

    Mike… you’re really a wimp sometimes, y’know?

    A real man would suck it up and just keep on blogging.

    You have to learn to deal with stress if you’re gonna make it in this world.

    My own solution: develop an uncontrollable twitch in your upper lip. People are so ‘looking while not looking’ that they forget about what you were supposed to have already done.

  6. Paul

    This is sort of like Mom and Dad announcing they’re taking off for Europe for a month. I wonder who the kids are going to invite over?

  7. Sharolyn

    Someone write an article about cute toddlers, coffee, and Charles Mingus to make sure he’s not sneaking a peek.

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