Sophia Rocks Out

So, one of the classes I teach is all done through video podcast. It’s a class on how to produce a studio recording, and so, of course, I thought it would be appropriate to compose and record the crapp-tastic-est theme song ever for the show. Here it is:

It turns out, this is Sophia’s favorite song ever. This is a video of her rocking out to it, again and again and again. This, basically, is how we spent out entire evening tonight. In the middle of this, while the camera is pointed at my chest, you will hear her saying her new favorite word, “More?”.

22 thoughts on “Sophia Rocks Out

  1. aly hawkins

    OMG!!! It’s like some sort of trigger for sleeper agents, only instead of killing people when it plays, Sophia can’t help but baby head-bang. Did she come preprogrammed, or did you brainwash her??

    You may already know this, Mike & Gretch, but…your daughter is very advanced. (And pretty darn cute.)

  2. june

    I could so watch that for days.

    (I know I’m a freak. I like to think it’s what makes me a good mom?)

  3. june

    Ok, you need to put a warning/disclaimer at the top of that post…yer lil’ jingle is stuck in my head after only one viewing! Thaaaaaaaanks.

  4. Sharolyn

    (while dancing with Sophia)
    “That baby is so cute!”
    -Camille, age 2 1/2

    I couldn’t have said it better.

    Mike, I am impressed you still have that sweatshirt!!

  5. Karen

    That is funny Sharolyn! I called Bobby in to watch the video so he could see the sweatshirt too! I think ours are packed in a box somewhere.

  6. june

    I think everyone should send Zack heaps of baby pictures. Multiple times a day. Every day. And have your toddlers leave him voice mails.

  7. aly hawkins

    Okay, I officially hate this song. It’s been in my head all day, specifically the high harmony part that trails off into wavering oblivion. I caught myself singing it in the car over and over and over, trying to re-create the uncertain confidence. I couldn’t do it.

    But Sophia’s still very advanced. And criminally cute.

  8. Sharolyn

    My favorite part is the oh-so-tight cut off at the end. It actually made me laugh out loud. That must have been rehearsed for hours!

  9. Sharolyn

    I don’t mean to over-reply on one post, but I just have to tell you this moment in my day. Tonight while making dinner, I had to be a mom and say “no” about something. I heard whining, and could detect crying about to happen. So I started singing “Production Techniques”, and the child was suddenly smiling and bobbing her head.

  10. grammy

    It pains me to admit any little girl is as adorable as my granddaughter, but DANG, you guys…Sophia is the bomb!!!

  11. Paul

    This should definitely go to American’s Funniest Home Videos — You’ll win! (But they have to show the title clip first.)

    The only problem is that now I can’t get that jingle out of my brain…

  12. grammy

    And why has no one made the OBVIOUS observation: THIS BABY IS BOUNCING PRETTY CONSISTENTLY TO THE BEAT! Holy musicianship, batman!

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