Happy Birthday Mike!

Happy Birthday Baby!

It’s Mike’s big day, and in honor of said occurance I thought we could all get together and come up with 31 (yes, it’s the big 3-1) “titles” for Mike. Be creative, sentimental, corny, cheesy…whatever.

Here, I’ll start:

1. Husband

2. Father

3. Brother

4. Son

Okay, basic and easy to see coming, so get a little more creative and help me celebrate my man’s big day.

18 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mike!

  1. Bobby

    Er…. that’s the Reinsch family. Karen is taking Remedial Foreign-sounding Last Name Spelling class at Volunteer State Community College. She’s only up to the M’s though.

    6. Hello Professor!

  2. grammy

    Oh for pete’s sake, peops…can’t we get it to 31 for our beloved blogmeister???

    27. Winner of the coveted 2006 first annual “He Who Is The Most Techno Savvy Gets To Put The Spotlight On His Cute Little Daughter” award!

  3. grammy

    28. He whom fatherhood has made sexier; imagine what he’ll be like after the second one…

    29. He who loves his wife well.

  4. michael lee

    [quote comment="23738"]Oh what a bottle of cheap wine and the lyrics to “Bitch” will do…thanks for recalling that memory Cerise:)[/quote]

    My favorite part of that evening was when the Karaoke hostess assumed I had made a mistake, and written down the wrong song. The peanut gallery quickly insisted that it was the right song.

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