“Fear is the highest fence.”

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

So long as they are white, conservative, and make at least $100K per year.

Or, if they can climb one hell of a high fence.

It’s official, kids – President Bush has signed a bill authorizing 700 miles of fence to be installed upon the US/Mexico border, at a cost unknown. (Although the down payment alone is about $1.2 Billion.) How does this make you feel?

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39 thoughts on ““Fear is the highest fence.”

  1. michael lee

    or, if they’re among the 900,000 people per year that immigrate legally into the US every year.

    Look, this is worth talking about, but let’s not fire the rhetoric across the bow. Is this an effective way to control the border? Probably not. Is it being signed into law as a political sop? Probably. Is it important for the US to have control over who crosses the borders into this country? Absolutely! This isn’t a bad thing because it’s built for a bad purpose, it’s a bad thing because it won’t do the thing it’s built to do.

    We need to have some measure of control over who crosses the borders. We also need a realistic, and enforceable, foreign workers visa plan – one that deals with the realities of the US economy and workforce, and one that isn’t held hostage by the rhetoric of labor unions, or by those who trade on racial anger to build political power. One without the other won’t work.

    You can’t stop a flood by piling up sandbags, unless you also dig the channel that you want the water to flow through.

  2. Chad

    There’s this new taco stand that just opened up near our house. It’s really good. Is this off topic?

  3. Zack Post author

    No Chad, it’s not off-topic. I actually consider whether or not El Siete’ Mares on Sunset will be able to provide me with the $4 taco special I’ve come to love, once this fence is installed.

    I like your point, Mike. “You can’t stop a flood by piling up sandbags, unless you also dig the channel that you want the water to flow through.” I couldn’t agree more.

    As for the rhetorical “white, conservative” stuff, bear with me. Firing the rhetoric across the bow is just my style.

    (Actually, more accurately – flinging shit, and then ducking out of the way is really my style.)

  4. michael lee

    Actually, Teri (can we change your user name? it weirds me out to call you grammy), I think that’s one of the significant issues that is being left unaddressed in the emerging church. How do we understand the working out of the church’s mission in a world where politics is pervasive? There is a sense in which the movement feels very inhospitable to more conservative perspectives.

    I think the church’s perspective on poverty is an example of this. The EC has a strong perspective that views extreme poverty as one of the effects of the fall, and that the mission of the church is to address, redress, and redeem that effect of sin. That’s a value that crosses political lines.

    The question that follows it, though, becomes very, very political. Is it the role of government to get involved? Do institutionalized responses alleviate or enable? Is there a special obligation to those within our communities that supersedes our obligations to those more removed from us? The transactions of power that follow in the working out of the core value are inherently, unrelentingly political.

    And, as a conservative who identifies with the core values of the emerging church movement, I often find that the distinction between those two things is left unacknowledged. I think that many in movement would give very little credence to the suggestion that massive institutionalized responses are an ineffective and ethically untenable means of addressing the effects of poverty.

    Political parties are all about working out the power transactions that flow from the initial value.

  5. Morphea

    I say if Phil can fling shit, so can Zack. More on-topic thinky thoughts coming later – you’re all on the edge of your seats. You are.

  6. michael lee

    “can” and “should” aren’t interchangeable.

    There’s an exemption clause, of course. Rhetoric that’s so over-the-top that it’s funny is, of course, always allowed. Irony trumps all. We are, after all, still Gen X.

  7. IllegalImmigrationIntroduction

    Regarding the poverty comment, there are 5 billion people on Earth poorer than Mexico’s people, that country has more billionaires than Germany including the third richest man, and they receive more than $20 billion per year in money that their citizens send home, including a large amount from illegal aliens.

    And, allowing Mexico to send us their excess population keeps them from enacting reforms and entrenches their corrupt leaders.

    I don’t know what the EC is, but lines from Cardinal_Mahony and others that enabling illegal immigration is “humanitarian” are as far from the truth as you can get.

  8. michael lee

    ooooooo ….. kaaaaayyyyyy.

    NOW does everyone see why I don’t want to host a political blog? People link in based on a search for a few key phrases, totally miss the point, spout off their opinion, then flit away into the ether.

  9. Morphea

    Well, hopefully flit away. Forever.

    Dood, I [i]know[/i] the difference between can and should. I’m saying, Phil CAN fling shit (you know, without getting banned for being a…) [ahem] and therefore Zack CAN too. Or at least he should be able to. I have a headache now.

  10. Chad

    I’m just gonna say this…

    Mike’s walking a delicate line moderating this thing. Remember… it’s a virtual end of summer BBQ. I happen to know for a fact, that were Zack and Phil both invited to an end of summer BBQ (an event which could conceivably happen), neither of them would actually scoop up a handful of my Chocolate Lab’s shit and fling it at the other.

    And if they did… you would feel very uncomfortable inside.

    That’s all I’m saying.

  11. Morphea

    They might come to blows, though. And I’d hold Zack’s coat like St. Paul did during the stoning of St. Stephen. Or whatever.

    I know Mike walks a fine line. Good job, bro. I mean it. I’m just saying, Chad, that Zack’s not the only one using not-nice hyperbolic talk around here (sorry, Zack). I’m not guilt-free, either. But I don’t see anyone but Zack getting words from The Moderator about it.


  12. michael lee

    those weren’t words from the moderator. those were words from mike lee, interjecting his 2 cents into the discussion.

    any and all words from the moderator will be very, very clearly labelled.

  13. Morphea

    Got it. So Officially, no one has yet gotten their hand slapped for hyperbole or illogical shit-flinging? No. Okay? Okay. Shutting up now.

    Sorry – I’m the grouchiest bastard on the planet lately. And I defend Zack – of all of us, the person who can most surely stand up for themself. Themselves. Himself. Whatever.

    I love you all, you know.

  14. michael lee

    we love you too morphea. we’re just not in love with you. we think we might want to see other people. by the way, i heard your sister is back from college? she’s really cool. do you happen to have her cell phone number.

    So, anyway, I hope we can still be friends, and that you won’t write anything mean in my yearbook.

  15. Zack Post author

    Mike – I just realized that I let me hatred of a barely functional retard who lives in the White House cloud my real feelings on this whole project.

    I agree with you – it upsets me because it’s not going to work. It’s not going to do anything. If it was built out of Doritos, it would feed a few people, thereby doing some good. But as a fence, it will do nothing. It solves zero problems.

    Cerise, thanks for defending me. My girlfriend should be signing up to comment here any day now, at which point you’re welcome to defend anyone else. :) But know this: I am not nearly as bulletproof as you may think. Chad and Mike can surely support this: I am the guy who goes for the jugular. Not because I can support half of my own beliefs, but because I find pleasure in the extremes. I under-analyze, overreact, and then I blow everything right out of proportion. As a humorous individual, I cite exaggeration and a 3rd grade vocabulary as my weapons, and I leave actual knowledge to someone else.

    This is why in a debate, you will typically hear me respond with something like, “Yeah, I would totally agree with your point – if my head were full of dog farts and I lived in a bum’s crotch.” Or, “Go cry yourself to sleep, fatty.” I still love the person, but it’s just my style.

    As for shit-flinging: I know and love about 75% of the people who live here at Addison Road. I continue to know and love them because they agree to embrace and simultaneously dodge the shit I fling – both literal and otherwise. In fact, there’s a likely chance that Chad has actually dodged real, honest-to-god dookie hurled by your’s truly, wielding a 3-man water balloon launcher, sometime around the summer of ’96. That makes him more qualified than any of us.

    I ain’t afeard of nuthin’.

  16. corey

    *some posts disallow gratuitous profanity. I didn’t wanna miss the opportunity to fling some.

    thank you, please drive thru.

  17. corey

    ok. now that I’ve had time to think…

    1. The fence is stupid.

    2. Zack, I love most of everything that comes out of your mouth- we disagree on the President’s retardation. No harm there, I’m in the extreme minority. I’ve learned a little phrase about hype-based politics: “management by approval”. The Parking Lot Moms get together, form a posse, hand out tracts; one of them knows a congressman; he’s afraid he might lose the vote of the soccer mom and before you know it, we wanna put a fence around California and we want to be able to call the SWAT team if the chick taking our order at Carl’s Jr. is a bitch. Legislators manage the carnivalesque by signing off on every bill that looks like it might have the most supporters or the least chances of becoming an albatross. Very little justice and very little decision-making based on ethics. (IMHO) Call me a victim of the system.

    3. For the last few days, the word “profound” has been overused in my conversations and thoughts. It’s the word of the week- the only thing I’m missing is for Pee-Wee’s Payhouse to scream when I say it. My buddy’s mom died this week, I was “profoundly sorry”. I got a really cool job yesterday and I was “profoundly humbled” by the offer. I was telling Beth (the wife, for those of you scoring along at home) about a passage of a book I’m reading and I told her how “profound” the section was. The thing that sucks about watering down a special word like “profound” is that when you read something like this: “You can’t stop a flood by piling up sandbags, unless you also dig the channel that you want the water to flow through.” -you’ve used up the power of the one word that best describes it. Sorry, Mike. That’s good shit.

    4. I feel the same way about the fence as I do about other, similar legislative moves that seem to be laughably off-course. Maybe the move to build a fence is not so much a move to build a fence, but more a move to say, “let’s do something for goodness sakes about the problems of our nation”. This is not a position statement on illegal immigration. It’s a position statement on my applause for the people that are acting instead of deliberating on the problems and hypothetical solutions. Sometimes, it’s a totally cracked ass solution/plan that fails miserably, leaving the REAL solution to be found in the dust of its failure. Fence schmence. Let’s do something besides ask the French what they think we should do about illegal immigration.

  18. grammy

    Zacque…this whole thread has really made me want to smoke. Can you bring some Marlboros over Sunday night? Seriously, dude. I miss you so much!

    Teri (aka “Grammy”)

  19. Sara

    Hi all! Zack’s girlfriend here. I’m the more P.C. version of Z. O.k. maybe P.C. isn’t the right word…non-shit flinger. Anyway. My first post. So here goes..
    fence: bad
    Bush: bad

    I should warn you that I’m quite illiterate so you’ll have to excuse me. Zack just dates me for my enormous fake Ta-Ta’s. (That’s MEXICAN for Boobs).

    I just date him because he’s a famous author.

    Alright, so maybe I’ll weigh in on a lighter topic for my first go around. Honey, did you tell them about our toaster that poaches eggs!

    Nice to meet you all.

    Hi Chad & Teri! Yup, it’s true. I’m still around.

  20. grammy

    SARA!! Welcome to the blob, m’dear! I didn’t know your ta-tas were fake. Zacque is so shallow, God love him. I wish you’d bring your man and your fake jugs over here some time for a smoke. I haven’t had a marlboro since August, and I’m in some serious pain over here…

  21. grammy

    Michael, I never responded to your long comment about an EC-based political party. You are right, of course, in that it would be a strange-looking animal, indeed. For years, I have adamantly maintained that all government social welfare programs could be neatly disbanded (along with all the usual graft that attaches itself to these programs) if the church was doing what it’s supposed to be doing for the poor (both close by in the immediate neighborhood as well as half-way around the world). But then, I’m just an old hippie…I still want to live on a commune with a bunch of people I love, modelling how a Christian community could actually function. So don’t pay any attention to my window-pane laced ramblings…

  22. Sara

    Grammy – I’m with you on the Hippie Commune and so is my Mom. Sometimes I think that I was born in the wrong era. Do you remember my Mom? You two would definitely get along. You have always reminded me of her.
    I saw Chad & Erica on Saturday night. Erica is a DOLL! Love her!
    No fake boobies here, and although I wouldn’t say Zack is shallow I will say that I’m sure he wouldn’t protest. Men…
    Did this just turn into a personal e-mail? Sorry. I guess I have to learn how to master the blogerific post like my fearless, opinionated counterpart!

  23. Morphea

    Ah, no, we like reading personal stuff. I do at least. Besides, I’m on a blog telling people I like epic novels with kink in them, so…


  24. Sara

    Well, I never imagined that the first subject that I’d talk about on a Christian website would be the non-existent breasts that now proceed me. I guess I’ll be forced to go get some fake ones tacked on so I can live up to all of the hype that I um..created…myself. Oops. Well, I can at least stuff them when I go over to Grammy’s with Zack for that smoke. MMmm..a smoke actually sounds good right now. Right after I check out some Jacqueline Carey. :)

  25. Morphea

    Um, every time I email Michael asking him if he wants me to tone it down, he always tells me that he doesn’t see this as a ‘Christian’ website, per se. Just a blog made up of Christians and a few non-Christians. Or something like that. But more eloquent.


  26. aly hawkins

    Silly Sara! “Christian website” is roughly akin to “Christian raspberry danish.” It doesn’t exist. There just happen to be a few Christians who hang out here and throw out ideas about God and life while simultaneously cracking about fake boobs and cigarettes. If any or all of the above are on your agenda, welcome!…Christianity not required. (Did you bring danishes?)

  27. Sara

    Thanks Aly! Since I can’t produce the boobs then I can certainly drum up some danishes. Mmmmm…pastrys, smokes and Jesus. I LOVE this Blog!

  28. June

    3FTA is so much better than anything on tv.

    Well, it’s better than everything on tv except The Office…Jan has fake boobs after all.

  29. June

    And after reading this for the first time, I got to the end and saw the ad “The coolest Christain Tees! Buy 3 get free s/h in the US!” and my brain didn’t read/think “s/h” but rather, it filled in the missing last two letters.

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