Gee, I’m Glad You Were Born.

Happy birthday, my love. I think you’re the tops.

And in case the WWF title belt doesn’t quite hit the spot…

Who is this man
to whom I have given my heart, my life?
I know his sweet scent
but I do not know

I know his tenderness, gentleness
yet he is a
ready to do battle for what is his—
sword gleaming
armor shining
chariot fast, furious

This, too, is beauty

A hard beauty carved of iron and stone
diamonds and gold
crowned with purpose

Look upon him
with fear

(Sorry your name is M.I.A. as yet on Amazon, but we’ll fix it.) I’m so proud to have created this with you. What beauty you will bring to the world in your next 31 years…and the next…

I am a rose in sunlight / a lily in the shade of your love

And I am


35 thoughts on “Gee, I’m Glad You Were Born.

  1. Carrie

    1) That’s just about the most romantic thing I’ve ever read (sniff). Chivalry appears not to be limited to the men!

    2) You were up at 3 in the morning to post this? THAT’s devotion.

    3) Happy Birthday, Ash.

  2. Morphea

    I can attest to that.

    [No she didn't!] Just trying to keep things gender-equal. We’ve got gay men, now it’s time for the lesbian action.


  3. Gretchen

    Happy Birthday Bryan! You’re seriously the best conversationalist I know.
    Aly- way to make us all excited about the book again, man it’s good!

  4. Chad

    [leaning right back]…. dude, I don’t know! The comparison always given is to a young Jennifer Connely by people who have more authority. Mike seems to be alone on his Pheiffer kick.

    I’d talk to G about it, but I’m too busy with my Man-Tastic Birthday grope.

  5. Morphea

    Oh my god. Young Jennifer Connelly sounds way better than Michelle. You gotta look out, though, if we meet your mama the next time we’re down your way. Honestly, Ramon’s so taken with La Connelly that he might try to lick Teri or something. I’ll put the leash on him that day, for all our sakes.

  6. Bobby

    Sweet! Happy Burfday from the Entire South. And the Reinsch’s.

    I thought the Google ads would get a little, um… interesting due to the content but so far I guess it’s ok.

  7. aly hawkins Post author

    Thank you for asking!

    Shrimp cocktail served in chilled martini glasses
    Watercress, blueberries, and avocado salad w/ basil balsamic vinaigrette
    Parmesan-encrusted, pan-seared salmon fillet served with tarragon white rice
    Chocolate torte

  8. Morphea

    Oh, dear god. I think I just had a…never mind.

    That all sounds bloody amazing. Tarragon white rice? Tarragon’s the yellow stuff, right? I mean, besides Saffron (flashback to Absolutely Fabulous)…


  9. Gretchen

    Your dinner sounds amazing Aly.

    BTW, you started the whole “sex talk” by quoting Song of Solomon in your post. Geesh.
    So…very..excited…to read…the whole book…

  10. Sharolyn

    Stop me if I told you this story…. Hmmm – you can’t, can you?…

    A few years ago, our beloved pastor asked my husband and I to do a reading in church. Sure, we said, the thought being that we were playing anyway, so would be around for both servies. (We are not afraid of public speaking.) He gave us the reading Saturday night. Song of Solomon.

    Two years later, I’m in Macy’s, and this lady swears she knows me from somewhere. School? The gym? Church? “You read that poem about your breasts being grapes or something!”

    1) It left an impression
    2) She did not mind if everyone in Macy’s heard her realization

    This pastor never hesitates to talk about sex. I was going to give him a copy of your book. How would you like us to order? Amazon?

    And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRYAN! It sounds like it will leave an impression.

  11. grammy


    Aly, your menu (dabbing at my drooly mouth here) reminds me: are we ever going to get invited to dinner again? And if we do, would you duplicate this same menu??? I’m with Cerise…holy O!

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