15 thoughts on “Ban Halloween?

  1. aly hawkins

    I’m all for the ‘ween. My only beef with the holiday is how oversexed it is for adults…may as well be called Skank-o-ween. (Did anyone see Mean Girls? It was all-around fun, but one of the funniest scenes was when the main character — who grew up in Africa — dresses in a hideous dead-bride costume and goes to the ‘ween party…where all the other girls are barely-dressed as Playboy bunnies, blood-sucking prostitutes and frisky she-devils.)

  2. june

    I just can’t stand to use precious naptime minutes reading that whole thing…so I’ll skip right to my main beef with Halloween: It’s scares the crappity out of my kids to see scary, gory, moving Halloween “decorations.” (When did dead body parts coming out of one’s lawn become festive?) Last year we went to a harvest party at a local church and with the exception of the guy who didn’t get the ‘no scary costumes’ memo (hanging eyeball and melting face. Gee, how delightful and fun!) a grand time was had by all. Halloween Shmalloween…I just so don’t care. Have fun with it, boycott it, call it harvest……….whaaaaaaatever. The more it’s debated the less I seem to care.

  3. Gretchen

    The Christian Elementary school I used to work for is making it a holiday this year, just to avoid having to deal with it at all. Interesting.

  4. Morphea

    Wow – very.

    I so don’t care, but I think whatever it gets called people want a chance to get dressed up in funny costumes and partypartyparty and carve pumpkins. I’m not willing to give any of that up for either Traditionalist or Progressive agendas.

    Either that or we bring back the Masque balls.


  5. michael lee

    I’m trying to think of what the perfect costume would be for me …

    Maybe a pair of nerd glasses, khakis, tennis shoes, and a “Windows XP Rocks!” shirt.

    No one would even recognize me!

  6. june

    I’m all for trees. And masqued balls. Could live without the dozen or so corpse hands reaching out of my neighbor’s flowerbed though. Does that make me a party-pooper?

  7. Morphea

    June, honestly when I was a kid – up until age 14 or so – I had a horrible fear of death, graves, rotting, corpses. Even a picture of a human skeleton freaked me the eff out. So no, I really don’t think it’s pooper-ish of you to want to play down the whole death and rising from the grave thing. Stuff like that would have knocked me off my rocker. At age 13.

    Maybe I was just a total weenie.


  8. Karen

    We love the dress up part but Ben hates anything mask related. Even if Bethany puts on a mask and even if it is cute he kind of freaks out . We saw a skeleton costume at Target the other day and Bethany said “Hey mommy look! it is an X-Ray costume!” It probably won’t be too long until she is more afraid of it..once school starts and she is not as sheltered as she is now.

  9. Sharolyn Post author

    In a neighboring school district, November 1 is always a staff development day. It makes perfect sense, because how much point is there in teaching sugar-highed-but-now-low, sleep deprived students?

    This year, Oct. 31 is a minimum day for students at our school. Parade – party – go home!

  10. phil

    “all the other girls are barely-dressed as Playboy bunnies, blood-sucking prostitutes and frisky she-devils.”

    Isn’t there something in Song of Solomon about this?

  11. Morphea

    No, Phil – that’s leaping harts and so on. Maybe they wear thong bikinis and maybe they don’t, savvy?

    Re: Song of Solomon containing anything actually sexy – not that The Buyers would ever let on…[private snark]

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