What’s The Deal With : Gigs


Seriously?  Why do they come in waves?  This week has been insane… with completing projects for both Brians (of the Ash and Steckler variety) and getting my regular work done.

Then this morning I get a call from one of my favorite people in the world.  Marisa from Wojahn Brothers.  Why is Marisa one of my favorite people?  Because she’s a gig bringer.  My favorite kind of gigs.  The one’s with expensive mics in big studios with checks that come for months like little gifts in my mailbox.  Meaty Cheesy Boys, Progressive Insurance, Barbie… oh sweet Barbie… these were all Wojahn gigs.

I mean…  I’ve never hit the jackpot with one of their spots like someone else who haunts this site who will remain nameless… but still… the dough is good.

About two years and a little change ago was the last time Marisa, sweet mistress of funny money called me.  She called on a friday, and asked if I could be at an audition on Monday.  I was leaving for Maui on Sunday.  I told her in all seriousness that, for one of their gigs, I’d fly back.  But for an audition… man… a guy’s got his limits.  She sweetly told me she understood, and I haven’t heard from them since.

So… now it’s this morning… and I’m mixing like a madman.

Ring Ring.

“Hey Chad it’s Marisa from Wojahn.”

Kick ass.

What’s the deal with gigs?  For months… nothing.  Now… I guess when it rains it pours.

8 thoughts on “What’s The Deal With : Gigs

  1. Chad Post author

    It’s a PSA for Dreamworks against… get this… obesity.

    Beautiful. Just gonna be a beautiful Friday.

  2. Morphea

    You’re a cool fella with a good attitude and a prettyprettypretty (and manly) voice.

    And the god of happy irony looks down on you with a toothy smile.


  3. corey

    very cool. Glad the windfall is starting to come. Once the cash rolls in, I’m gonna need a small loan. (To pay Mike for the Pac-Man machine.)

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