You Kids Get Off My Lawn!

… and take your skateboards with you.

You punk kids don’t even know what real skateboarding is, what with your rail grinds and your skateboarding videogames. Let me tell you, back in the day, we had some real skaters, guys who could flip and twist for days, and do it all while wearing vaugely homo-erotic denim short shorts! Learn some respect, you youngsters!

And get off my lawn!

6 thoughts on “You Kids Get Off My Lawn!

  1. Jeremy

    I’m fairly certain that’s Rodney Mullen….and I’m fairly certain that you best not be making fun of him…

    he pretty much invented most of modern skating and he can do tricks that no one else can come close to pulling off. In fact half of the stuff in the link below can barely be pulled of in Tony Halk Pro Skater let alone in real life…

    Behold the man this boy has become. Behold the Glory

    **warning. The music that accompanies this video is what some would call “Gangsta” and contains all of the street cred that goes with it. ie a ton of F bombs***

  2. michael lee Post author

    jeremy, you misunderstand! I’m not making fun at all (ok, I’m making fun of the shorts a little bit, but that’s it!).

    I think this is great!

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