11 thoughts on “The 300

  1. Zack

    Whoa. Me likey. After Sin City, I’ll wait in line for anything Frank Miller. (But that might have had more to do with Robert Rodriguez than Frank Miller) That film kills me everytime.

  2. Jeremy

    Well besides doing a tiny bit of the visual effects for the film, I was also the body double for most of the spartan soldiers. Yeah….I’m ripped.

    Nearly 10 months of work and our stuff ends up being about 80 shots in a 10 min section right at the start of the pic…Half of our stuff is on reel 1. haha. All of our stuff revolves around the oracle. In the trailer there are two shots of a hot half naked chick writhing in some smoke. Yes…I was forced for hours on end to stare at large film scans of a beautiful oft topless woman. The things I do for a buck! Please remember that most of this trailer is temp…ESPECIALLY MY SHOTS!. I’m a bit embarassed actually that they look the way they look but that’s ok…it’s a trailer.

    So yeah, I’ve seen the film twice now. The last time it was mostly done and I can say that it’s something that I am very proud to have worked on. It is a beautiful film. Often that is not the case. Just check out my imdb page if you dont believe me….haha.

  3. Paul

    Looks a little violent for my middle-aged eyeballs.

    When are we going to talk about “Jesus Camp”? Has anyone seen it yet?

  4. Morphea

    Whoa. That looks AWESOME. Ramon’s going to, uh…what’s a polite way to say ejaculate?…when he sees this trailer. Jeremy, you rule.

    The guy with the beard yells a lot, Mommy.

    I’d rather watch this than Jesus Camp. THAT looks seriously effed-up.


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