Beer Appreciation Night

Remember this? Good news! It’s back, and it’s on, tomorrow night (Wednesday, October 4th), starting at 7:30. It’s around $20, plus the cost of food and a cab ride home, if you hit the brewsky a bit too hard. I cannot emphasize enough to you all how awesome this will be. The theme of the night is Oktoberfest, and it will be wall to wall deep dark german beers. Yum!

It’s at BJ’s in Woodland Hills (google maps). I’ll be there at around 7:00 to grab some tables. Let me know if you’re coming by leaving a comment here, or email me, and I’ll make sure you have a seat.

Just to clarify, this is an open invite. If you read the blog, but don’t know us, and would like to, please feel free to swing by and share in the good cheer. Look for this guy:

Mike and Gretchen

20 thoughts on “Beer Appreciation Night

  1. Morphea

    Dark beers are for sipping anyway, since they taste like sh– (burnt coffee, seriously!) and can only be taken in the smallest doses. Not like the wheats and Hefeweizens (sorry, I really can’t be bothered to check spelling on that one) that you gulp down, wipe your mouth with the back of your hand and go “A-a-a-a-a-h-h-h-n-n”. Mm. Beer.


  2. Zack

    Oh, right. NO ONE is gong to say the obvious? Fine. I’ll do it.

    Mike, that’s the gayest photo I’ve ever seen. Not just of you, but of any human. EVER.

    What are you looking at, off in the distance? Your manhood?

  3. harmonicminer

    I think you’re missing the obvious. In the photo, Mike is not conscious, having just enjoyed a bit too much of the hops. He is being held up, and his eyelids are taped open with transparent tape… also used to keep his hands together.

  4. michael lee Post author

    Zach – I had just finished rowing my sexy wife across a mountain lake. What I’m gazing at is the trail of sweat and testosterone floating across the water in my manly wake.

    And also, shut up!

  5. corey

    back story: yes, he rowed the lake, and then me and chad and rosy (and all of the wives) got the Oxygen tanks and the gurney out of the way just in time for my 8 year old to snap this picture. Oh yeah, and we actually photoshopped his shirt back on him.

  6. Zack

    Mike, I’ve heard of “Missionary”, “Reverse-Cowboy”, “The Stranger”, and countless others. But I’ve never heard of “Rowing Across A Mountain Lake”. Is that safe?

  7. Morphea

    Zack, WTF? “Doggie” doesn’t even get a MENTION?? “Rowing Across a Mountain Lake” sounds vaguely Japanese. Which means it’s probably totally naughty.

    Chad’s a bitter, broken man now. I hope you’re all happy.


  8. Zack

    Morph: Well, you sit on your hands until they get numb and eventually “go to sleep”, and then…….uh…..

  9. Morphea

    [screaming with laughter]

    [attempts to snort bubblegum up nose]

    [finally collapses on floor, heaving weakly, whimpering with laughter]

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  11. Grammy

    Speaking of awesome, Zack, I’m up to 1995 in wrestling stacks of pictures into albums, and you won’t believe some lovely snaps of you that I’ve come across. I can’t wait to post them on here! :-)

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